Common Causes of Damage to Your Home Roof

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When you are a homeowner, you will want to do your best to keep your property in excellent condition to try and avoid costly repair bills. One of the most expensive parts of your home to repair is the roof, so you will want to try and keep this in tip-top condition and do regular checks on it to ensure everything is okay.

Some things can damage your roof if you are not careful, and one of the things that can be damaging is the weather. Below are some of the things that can damage your roof that you need to be careful with and ensure you have it checked regularly to keep it in excellent condition.

Rain, Snow, and Ice

The elements are one of the biggest dangers to your home’s roof, depending on the climate of where you live. If you live in an area prone to receiving lots of rain, snow, and ice, any or all of these elements can damage your roof. One of the most significant enemies of your roof is moisture, and if this gets in, it can start damaging the structure of your roof. Excessive rain and melting snow are the two main culprits of leaks, and at the first signs of damage, call reputable Sydney roofing contractors or roof specialists in your location to assess and repair any problems they find.

Roofers using and scaffolding crane to repair roof tiles

The Sun

The sun can also damage your roof over time, depending on what tiles you have on your roof. The sun’s rays can dry out materials and make them brittle, and these can get damaged when the wind gets stronger and cause damage to your roof. If your roof is old and the shingles look tired and faded, you may have a sun-damaged roof that you want to have looked at by expert roofing contractors.


Trees are another common reason for damage to your home’s roof. If you have trees close to your house and the wind picks up, they can cause the branches to smack your roof repeatedly and cause damage to it. The trees can also lift roof tiles that you will need to have replaced when it is windy. It is always cheaper to repair a roof than to replace it.

The Wind

The wind is another problem for homeowners, and you should always check the roof of your home for damage after a big storm or strong winds. Strong winds can lift the tiles on your roof and displace them, meaning that water can get inside your home and potentially damage its structure. The edges of the roof are the areas that are most prone to being lifted by the wind, and you will want to do a quick visual check from the ground after a storm. If you spot any moved tiles, call your local roofing contractor to repair them.

These are a few things that can damage your home’s roof, and there are more besides these. Contact your local roofing contractor at the first sign of problems and have them assess any damage and get it repaired quickly before the situation worsens.

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