The Plumbing Problems That You Should Never Fix Yourself

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Plumbing can seem like a simple affair, all you have to do is connect the pipes so that the water flows to your appliances and then away into the waste system. The ability to purchase compression joints and push fit connectors makes it possible for the average DIYer to complete a variety of plumbing projects at home.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ditch your reputable plumber Sydney yet. There are several plumbing issues that you should never deal with yourself. If you’re facing one of the following issues you need to call the professionals.

Gas Lines

If you have gas in your home you’ll be pleased to know that they add a chemical to it to create the smell of rotten eggs. There’s a good reason for this, a gas leak can be deadly. The gas can suffocate you while you sleep or a spark can cause an explosion in your home.

Smoke alarms and even carbon monoxide alarms don’t notice natural gas, but your nose will. However, because gas is dangerous you should never attempt to fix a leak or add sections t your gas pipes. This is a job for the professionals.

Resolving Flooding

In many cases your home can be flooded by a blockage in the pipes. It can cause the water to find its way out a weak spot or, if it’s wastewater, to back up into your home.

In the case of a waste pipe blockage you simply need to remove the blockage. However, if this is a long way down the pipes you are likely to damage the pipes trying to get to it. This will cause more issues.

The clog can also be an issue with tree roots or something similar, that’s why you need to get professional help.

Standing Water

Standing water in your yard or our basement means that there is likely to be a water leak somewhere. It can be a leak in the mains water supply or a break n the waste pipe. With time you should be able to locate the issue. However, you’ll find the professionals will do it faster and with much less mess. They have the necessary tools to identify the issue.

It is worth noting that standing water in your basement can be a result of foundation cracks and water rising up from the ground. That’s a bigger concern and one that will need specialist help.

Modifying Your Plumbing System

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom or moving your plumbing around you will need professional help. A plumber will ascertain that what you want to do is possible and that it complies with current regulations. This is important if you want the modifications to be signed off and your insurance to remain valid.

In addition, it needs to be properly approved if you ever decide to sell the property.

Final Thoughts

The availability of tools and easy solutions makes it possible to undertake a variety of plumbing jobs yourself. However, you need to recognize the qualifications and experience of a professional plumber and get them to help when necessary. It will make your life easier.

Image Credits: Michal Jarmoluk

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