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Our skin undergoes a lot of stress, what with the high levels of air pollution and urban life takes its toll on our body, especially the skin. Of course, there are skincare products that offer both nutrition and protection, although not all are as good as they claim to be, with harsh chemicals, so choose your skincare products carefully.

Here are a few common skin conditions that Australians encounter, along with suggested treatments.

  • Acne – Often it is the adolescents that suffer from acne, which is due to hormonal imbalances that are part of maturing into an adult. Some people do not seem to be affected by this skin condition, while others do and there may be a genetic disposition to acne. Make contact with Labskin Clinic where a team of experts can arrange a skin consultation and prescribe the best acne treatment. It isn’t wise to adopt a trial and error method when looking for acne treatment, rather you should approach an online dermatologist and book a Zoom consultation.
  • Cold Sores – These are more annoying than anything else, and usually develop around the lip area. An outbreak can be accompanied with flu-like symptoms and your joints might ache a little, while applying a special ointment will speed up recovery. This is often a sign of a rundown immune system and you might want to start taking a daily A-Z supplement, which will re-energise your biological systems. Diet can also play a part in the emergence of cold sores.
  • Eczema – A common skin condition, eczema shows up in the form of itchy and irritated skin and the best treatment is to visit a skin specialist, one that offers treatment for eczema. This condition can affect babies, young children, teenagers and adults and rather than simply buying an over-the-counter treatment, you should see a skin specialist, who has all the solutions. Eczema can manifest itself in any ways and the skincare professional can examine your skin and prepare the best treatment in the form of a skin cream. Click here for a great blog about skincare.
  • Hives – Small red spots that are often painful to the touch and these usually emerge as an allergic reaction to a pathogen, which may be airborne. Another cause is food additives, specifically e-numbers and if you develop a hives rash, cut out processed foods and that might be the solution. Seeing a skin specialist usually leads to a quick cure and there are online skincare experts where you receive a tailored treatment after an online consultation.
  • Skin Pigmentation – There are many skin conditions that result in skin pigmentation and the best solution is to consult with an online dermatologist who can pinpoint the cause and prescribe the best treatment. Freckles, sun spots and melasma are all treatable by the online skincare specialists, a team of dermatologists who are dedicated to prescribing effective treatments.
  • Sunburn – It is oh so easy to fall foul of sunburn; working in an office and suddenly taking a day at the beach is all it takes to experience sunburn. Aloha is an effective treatment, but you might want to make an appointment with a dermatologist who can prescribe soothing cream that promotes healing. Of course, prevention is better than cure; always apply sunscreen before exposure, especially in coastal regions, where the wind can play a role.

Fortunately, we now have online solutions for expert skincare from a team of dermatologists and this Australian company has a great reputation for providing effective treatment for a wide range of skin conditions. Here is some government information about skincare, specifically the cosmetic regulations in Australia. Most people prefer to use skincare products with 100% natural ingredients.

Book an online consultation

This is the quickest and most effective way to get the right treatment and a Google search will help you find a leading online skincare expert. Book an informal Zoom consultation and let the skincare expert provide effective treatment.

A balanced diet goes a long way to having a clear complexion and by using natural skin cleanser and avoiding harsh chemicals, your skin should be healthy and glowing.

Image Credits: Christopher Campbell

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