Corporate Christmas Events: 7 Tips to Help Make It a Success!

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There’s a slight chill in the air, the first snow has fallen, and Christmas is just around the corner! We all know what this means; it’s time to prepare for all the Christmas parties, events, and dinners that’ll soon take over your weekends!

Tips to Make Your Corporate Christmas Event a Success

One of the most fun Christmas events is the office party. You get to enjoy a great night with your work buddies, without any of the work, of course! Here are some tips to make your Christmas corporate event a huge success!

P.S. Remember to hire an event management team to execute your Christmas event plans perfectly!

Send Out Some Provisional Dates

While Christmas may seem far, far away, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it sneaks up on you. You wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard and scrambling to get everything done!

A better way to manage everything efficiently is by sending out some provisional dates for the event well beforehand. Reach out to the key decision-makers and get their opinion on the best dates to host your event. Determine whether a weeknight would be best or if most people prefer to attend the event over the weekend.

Form a Party Committee

You might be an excellent organizer, but you can’t manage everything on your own! There is too much for one person to do. From sending out invites to booking the venue and catering and ensuring everyone’s concerns are met, you will be left exhausted and overworked!

A better way to get everything done well is to hire a team of Santa’s Helpers. You can delegate different tasks to your team and work together to ensure your event is executed to perfection!

Choose Your Theme

While general Christmas parties are super fun, having a particular theme will make your event stand out and be remembered for the whole year! Choosing a Christmas theme can make the event extra exciting for your team members, and they’ll be more likely to get involved. Some great Christmas themes that maintain a corporate touch for your event include an ugly sweater party or a white Christmas.

Hire Professional Catering

Christmas is a busy time, and you can easily become overwhelmed trying to manage work and event planning. That’s why it’s always a great idea to let a professional catering company handle the food and drinks.

Your catering company will create the perfect menu, accommodate everyone’s dietary needs and make sure any food allergy concerns are handled proactively. With all of this stress eliminated from your to-do list, you can focus your time and energy on the rest of the planning!

Corporate Video Production is a Must

Clients and customers love seeing your company culture, and posting videos of internal events and conferences always increases engagement. It is a great way to develop a lasting bond with your customers and evoke brand loyalty.

Your office Christmas party is the perfect time to hire corporate video production services. The team of videographers will capture all of the special moments during your event without getting in the way or causing any disruptions. These videos are endlessly charming and fun to look back to!

Hire an Entertainer

Christmas is one of the happiest, most cheerful times of the year, and your party should embody this by being full of life. There is no better way to get people to relax and have a great time than by hiring an entertainer. It’ll give your employees extra motivation to loosen up and enjoy the high-quality entertainment.

Entertainers don’t necessarily need to be musical. You can invite a stand-up comedian, a magician or even set up a mock casino with card dealers!

Book Taxis Beforehand

When your team members have had a fantastic night and are full of Christmas cheer (and slightly drunk!), you wouldn’t want their evening to end on a frustrating note while they try to hail taxis. Standing in the cold, watching cars speed by as they wait for a ride is enough to make the best of us say, “Bah humbug!

A great way to ensure your work buddies enjoy the perfect end to their night is by booking taxis beforehand. Your event management team can help you with this, so everyone goes home safe and sound!

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