Creating the Ultimate Entertainment Space

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To create the ultimate entertainment space by transforming your backyard into the ideal venue for a get-together with friends and family, you need to consider the key things you want in it.

The layout of your yard is key, so before you get started you need to do some planning. If have a fairly large area to work with, you can create lots of different zones within your yard, which is a lot easier than trying to maintain a whole back yard full of just grass and plants. And if it’s small? Don’t worry – you can add more elements to it than you perhaps realize, especially if you use a professional rubbish removal service.


Timber decking and dark coloured pavers are the best options for flooring as they make the perfect base for an outside entertainment area. Pavers are low maintenance so will allow moisture and dirt to just slide right off the tiles, avoids staining and there is no need for constant cleaning.

Feature lighting

Lighting in your backyard will create a tranquil space and allow extra usage of your outdoor space on those warm nights, as well as adding to the atmosphere. Choose a style that works for your space: solar lights are the best option for those with a flower bed area, whilst deck lights would be great going up steps.

A place to cook

Having a place to cook and prepare food is one of the most important things when entertaining outdoors. No one wants to miss out on the gathering because they’re stuck indoors cooking.

Get yourself a BBQ island that all your family and friends can sit around, enjoying a good meal together. These are great for creating an environment that brings everyone together for a spot of socializing.

Shade area

A shaded area is a must have for those entertaining outside. Providing shade for your guests will ensure comfort even on the hottest days. This can be done with a simple yard umbrella or a giant gazebo – they’ll be equally effective at blocking out the sun. Have nice comfortable seating underneath here too with lots of cushions for extra comfort.

Fire pit or fireplace

This can act as the focal point of your backyard. When the evening gets cold, investing in a fire pit or fireplace will keep your guest warms and bring an ambiance to the outdoors. You don’t have to build a huge brick and mortar fireplace: there are plenty stand alone bits you can purchase – opt for whatever you feel will fit best in your yard.

Now you’ve designed a perfect spot for outdoor entertainment, it’s time to create the Ultimate Fun-Filled Entertainment Room indoors for those cold winter months when the backyard is off limits…

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