Decking Pedestal: How, Where, and Why to Use It

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If you are looking to elevate your decking or flooring subframe without having to use posts, you should use a jack pedestal. Otherwise known as feet and risers, they act as little pillars that support your decking or flooring.

People resort to decking pedestals when changing their homes’ appearance, or wanting to waterproof the base of their homes, or create a space for entertaining guests because it provides a standard, even, and stable surface. Installations are quick without having to undergo a lengthy process to achieve a level surface.

Where to Use Pedestal

Decking pedestals are used in different areas of your home or establishment. It provides support for the floor, the deck, and the roof. As long as you need an elevation from the ground or sub-frame, the decking pedestals are what you should count on. However, the most common and recommended areas that need pedestals are slope balconies and rooftops, second-story apartments or balconies over waterproof membranes, and properties near water bodies like a lake, beach, or pools.

How to Install a Decking Pedestal

First, you have to call an expert to measure the total area where the decking pedestals will get installed. When they calculate the site, they will determine the number of pedestals required to support it fully. Experts will also tell you upfront if the area is feasible for a raised deck, floor, or roof.

You should know that one pedestal is enough for approximately one linear meter of a beam that needs to be supported. To ensure that the experts will install enough pedestals, they have to use sight or laser lines to mark the intersections of the area you want to elevate.

They will also have to consider the size of the pedestal they will use. The bigger the pedestal, the wider the area it can support. Once all the basics get done, they can now place the pedestals in their marked areas. They will also use decking joints to support the site further.

After this, they will lay the boards of your roof, flooring, and the like. Many more adjustments will take place to ensure that everything is in place. Once they get the right positions, they will screw the beam into the eyelet located on top of the decking pedestal.

It is best to talk to experts on installing the pedestals. You would not want to waste your money if you cannot do it right.

Why Use Pedestals

Aside from elevation and waterproofing your home, there are other uses of a decking pedestal.

First, it reduces the sound transmission to the interior of your home or building. Because there is an elevation, you are not walking directly on the area to reduce or even eliminate the sound transmission. You will usually enjoy this benefit if you use the pedestals in the roof area when you install a deck or a garden on it.

Another benefit of decking pedestals is it increases heat insulation. During winter, you cut on the costs of heating your home because you naturally trap the heat inside your home or building with pedestals.

These are the basics you need to know about pedestals. You have to have the skill or hire a professional to create functional and safe areas using these pedestals. You can also read more about pedestals to ensure that the person you will engage in doing the job tells you the right things.

Lastly, you also have to look for the right products to make your home’s changes excellent. Pedestals have so many uses for your home or establishments, but you have to use them properly to get the best results.

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