The Digital Defence – The Importance of Cyber Security in the Business World

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Cyber Security is the first line of defence when it comes to online money risk.

People taking to the internet in the interests of taking money that doesn’t belong to them are the cause of cyber security becoming a thriving industry, and every business needs cyber security to protect their assets. IT services exist to streamline the security and working nature of your computer-based services, and without a competent IT department at your business or company, you run the risk of exposure to people with less than chivalrous intentions.

Stealing Bank Details

Bank details of employees and business accounts are very present on company servers, and that makes them targets of potential criminal activities. Cyber security can put up firewalls against any unwarranted access to these sensitive files, and ultimately dissuade people from making any attempts on the integrity of your company servers. The loss of these details can be catastrophic, and it exposes you and your employees to the risk of cyber theft. Regularly changing your passwords can alleviate this risk, and protect you from slower forms of bank account fraud as well.

Protecting Business secrets

Patented goods, designs, codes, travel times, all of these are vulnerable to would-be crooks without cyber security. The life-blood of some businesses are the secrets of the products themselves, without which cheaper companies could easily copy products and sell them for lower prices to undercut the market. An example of this is Coca Cola’s recipe, which has been kept in physical form, and half of which is memorised by two department heads. These men never travel on the same aeroplanes, and are rarely in the same room for security reasons. Coke is a multi-billion dollar industry, and to have the recipe for Coke would be worth huge amounts of money to the wrong people, so Coca Cola protects their investment by putting in place the aforementioned protocols.

Deterring Would-Be Crooks

Cyber security works against direct attacks on your company’s servers, and has the ability to withstand DDOS attacks (Distributed Denial Of Service), but it also serves another purpose. It’s presence alone is enough to deter potential criminals from attacking your servers, which can be crucial in the interests of protecting your valuable data. As a deterrent, you need only to advertise that your company is protected by top-level cyber security firms and your computer systems should begin seeing fewer attacks very quickly.


Cyber security not only protects companies from potential theft, it also creates jobs in the IT industry. Having entire companies built around the concept of people coming after your secrets and money is a great way to shore up jobs and increase security in relevant industries the world over. With computer technology present in literally every industry in the world, cyber security is more prevalent than ever, and it’s effects on the comfort and safety of the workplace is unmistakeable.

Cyber security is a relatively simple concept, but highly effective in it’s attempts to waylay the common data thief. It’s not a question of “if” your company will need it, but rather “when”, and it always pays to be prepared for the inevitable.

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