Industries That Have Taken a Hit Due to COVID

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Most UK businesses have been negatively affected by COVID-19 in some way, and this has led to thousands of job losses and multiple companies shutting down. Many businesses are hoping to open back up at the end of lockdown, but some will still face disruptions. Let take a look at some of the industries that have taken a hit due to COVID.


The hospitality industry has struggled due to the many restrictions caused by COVID. Restaurants, pubs and clubs were ordered to close during all three lockdowns to curb the rising COVID transmissions. Because of the major losses suffered by the hospitality industry, nearly 10,000 restaurants, pubs and clubs closed permanently last year. Fortunately, outdoor hospitality is set to open up later this spring, and the hospitality industry will fully open up in the summer.

Physical Stores and Retail

If you’ve walked through any city centre recently, you’ll notice that the highstreets have been pretty much deserted and that most stores and retail shops are closed. During the lockdown, all nonessential stores had to close and as a result, buyers turned to online shopping. COVID has affected many popular highstreet stores as well as smaller mom-and-pop shops. Last year, Debenhams went into administration, and not long after, its parent company Arcadia did too. Even Thorntons closed all 61 of its UK shops, laying off more than 600 employees.


Construction has been hit with the fact that demand has dropped since the beginning of the pandemic. There have been quite a few projects that have been dropped or indefinitely postponed. Some construction companies have also been struggling will the rising costs of materials and tools and have had difficulties with purchasing them. Some construction sites had to close during the most recent lockdown too. Overall, the construction industry had 2,042 insolvencies in 2020.

However, things are beginning to open up again and this will make it easier for construction to restart. Other companies, like Northern Mat, will also be open, meaning that construction workers can get ahold of the services and materials they need to start work again.

Entertainment and the Arts

The entertainment industry has taken a big hit, with theatres, music venues, and cinemas closing down completely during lockdown. Due to strict social distancing rules and limits on social gatherings, this has made it almost impossible for them to stay open. With the closing of theatres, not only do the actors loose out on work, but the production crew as well. The closing of cinemas means that the film industry has lost out on box office revenue. Thought theatres and cinemas will be opening as we come out of lockdown, they won’t be able to fill to capacity and will only be able to sell a limited number of tickets.

There have also been interruptions to the filming of movies and TV shows, since social distancing among actors and the film crew is difficult. This has resulted in films missing their release dates and delays in airing TV shows.

Care Homes

Care homes and retirement homes have been some of the hardest hit in the healthcare industry. Most residents rely on carers, nurses and family members to look after them, but between a lack of staff due to illness and layoffs and rules surrounding social distancing preventing family members from visiting, it’s been a struggle to keep things going. Many families are now opting for in home care services so they can keep an eye on their loved ones and make sure they’re safe.


The travel industry has been badly affected by COVID-19. Flights from the UK have been suspended under lockdown, which has affected some major airlines. It was reported last year that British Airways had plans to cut more than 12,000 jobs. This has affected most airports as well. Cruises have also been suspended until the end of lockdown. Between lockdowns and travellers cancelling their trips, the travel industry hasn’t fared too well.

As we follow the roadmap out of lockdown, many companies are relying on marketing services and SEO services from companies like to help them stay afloat. Hopefully, these industries will spring back we fully come out of lockdown.

Image Credits: Tim Mossholder

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