Dota 2 Players Unite – Make Dota 2 Great Again

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Dota 2 is huge, especially when it comes to the competitive scene. Valve organizes minors and majors regularly and then crowns everything with the biggest Dota 2 tournament, The International.

Millions in prize money, sold-out stadiums and arenas, best casters, and funny hosts is what we get to see. Unfortunately, there is one thing where Dota 2 is losing heavily, the player count.

Ever since Dota 2 was released in 2013, it topped the Steam charts and remained there for years. The peak of 1.29 concurrent players happened in March of 2016. It was looking great for Dota 2, but it all went downhill from there.

Games like PUBG and CS:GO started attracting more people, and Dota 2 lost the top dog position.

Fast forward to March of 2020, when quarantine struck the world, CS:GO smashed its record and has seen 1.2 million concurrent players, while Dota 2 only saw 750,000.

The general thought on why this is happening is that there aren’t enough new players coming into the game. The game is getting more complex with each update, especially the updates that occur after The International.

Games like PUBG and CS:GO are pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to play them for months just to learn the basics.

Without a steady flow of new players coming into the game, there is only one thing that can happen to the game. It will die out.

So What Can We Do? And What Should Valve Do?

More Community Engagement

We are constantly bombarded with ads on social media about guides on Dota 2 and how we can only become good if we pay some money for a guide on a hero. The community needs to give most of those guides for free – especially the basic and introduction ones.

New players need to know that there are safe websites to bet on. One such site is Bet on Dota2-bet. Betting on Dota 2 games can be thrilling, and watching the professionals play games that you bet on makes you more engaged in the match itself.

A Single-Player Campaign

Dota 2 has a huge lore. Some heroes have lore larger than entire movies. Knowing the backstory of a hero might make the players connect with them, want to play with them, improve and win multiplayer games with them.

Many players play only single-player games and try to avoid multiplayer ones. A single-player campaign that could be a tutorial as well might convince players to try out Dota 2, and eventually, they’ll play the multiplayer part of it.

Item Drops

Item drops have been in the game long ago, but for some reason, Valve decided to remove them. People love tradeable skins. Nowadays, you can’t trade most of the skins you get while playing the game. Imagine the adrenaline rush that you can when you get a $30 skin just from playing the game. It’s something that should be brought back into the game with increased drop rates.


RIOT and Epic Games are geniuses when it comes to advertising, and that is another battle that Valve is losing. The marketing budget of Dota 2 is literally zero. There is none. This needs to change. People need to know that this game exists so they can try it out. Even my mother that has never played a single game in her life knows what Fortnite is. Get Dota 2 in front of people’s faces. Otherwise, you’ll lose a whole generation of new players who will never feel a connection with Dota 2 because they’re already playing Fortnite, CS:GO, or the upcoming VALORANT.

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