Easiest Things to Grow in Your Home Garden

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Are you sick of a bare garden? Looking to brighten it up? Growing things is not as hard as you may think. Here are some suggestions on how to make your garden beautiful and fun (and how to make your neighbours jealous).

Vegetables and fruit

Ever thought about becoming self-sufficient and growing your own vegetables? Surprisingly, it’s not that difficult.

A part of the onion family, garlic is fairly easy to grow. Depending on the variety, you can grow it year-round and you can grow a lot of it in a small space, so you’ll have plenty of it to flavour your food. Spinach is delicious and its leaves can become quite large. You can pick it and it’ll keep growing. Potatoes are also great to grow at home! Invest in a potato barrel to save space and make growing potatoes easier.

You can also try growing fruit. Pear trees and apple trees are a pleasant addition to any garden. You might need to make a bit of space by removing trees that don’t bear fruit, if so try searching online for someone local to you with queries like ‘tree professional Nashville for tree planting‘. And there’s no doubt that home-grown tomatoes taste so much better than ones bought at a store. Tomatoes are so versatile and can be put in everything from salads to pasta dishes. If you don’t feel too confident about planting the seeds, head to a plant nursery and get a small potted plant. That way, half of the work has already been done for you. Blueberries are delicious and grow on shrubs with white flowers. They need acidic, damp soil and can be grown in pots.


No dish would be complete without herbs to compliment it and you can also reap the health benefits of certain herbs. Growing your own herbs can be incredibly easy as most herbs are cut and come again varieties. When it comes to herbs, you might want to invest in a small greenhouse or bring them indoors if the weather is particularly cold.

Parsley is an annual herb that is planted in spring and goes great with fish and is used as a garnish for a lot of cuisines. Basil prefers warm weather and a lot of light, and it’s a staple of most dishes. Chives are tasty and the flowers are also edible. If you stick chives in a sunny area, you’ll have plenty to add to salads and other summer dishes. Mint can be used to make jelly, tea and even ice cream! It’s quite refreshing and can be grown year-round. There are plenty of different kinds, and chocolate mint is very a flavourful addition to most desserts!


No garden is complete without beautiful flowers to brighten it up. Even the simplest flowers to grow can be the most beautiful. Marigolds, Pansies, Fuchsias, Geraniums and Sweet Peas can all be planted in spring. These flowers will have incredible, vibrant colours.

Sweet Peas thrive in cooler weather, so make sure you plant them in early spring before the summer heat dries them out. Fuchsias also dislike heat and grow best when they’re in the shade. Marigolds will need to be planted each year, but if you save the seeds, you can plant them the next year. Make sure you deadhead Pansies to encourage them to grow. Geraniums like to spread and may require cutting back from time to time, but they are generally a low maintenance flower.

Other plants and shrubs

Shrubs and plants are diverse and can make you garden seem full and lush.

Grass is one of the most basic things to grow and maintenance is simple. Check out different kinds of grass, as some may grow better depending on the climate and where you live. Hydrangeas are shrubs that grow colourful flowers in spring and autumn. They can become quite tall and will need regular pruning so that it will always look it’s best. Potentilla shrubs are incredibly simple to grow. They require very little watering, and will live for at least fifteen years if looked after properly.

Don’t forget to water, fertilize and feed your plants! A garden will always thrive and grow if you weed, prune and tend to it regularly. As you get used to growing things, you can move on to a more diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants.

Taking care of your garden can be less labor-intensive when you have an efficient irrigation system. Rotor sprinklers such as the Rain Bird 5000 Plus water large areas evenly and don’t miss the area around the rotors, unlike other sprinkler systems. Consider building an irrigation system in your garden to ensure your plants are watered adequately even when you’re out of town.

And, if you need to drive posts into the ground and install a fence around your garden, consider buying this tool.

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