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High energy birthday parties are unforgettable ways to celebrate milestones. Instead of birthday cakes and toasts, celebrating with high speed go karting or smashing up a room full of crockery are far more memorable ideas. Here are the best exciting birthday party ideas for 2020:

  • High Speed Go Kart racing on a real race track

Go karts aren’t just for kids anymore, with high speed race tracks in Australia’s big cities offering high velocity birthday parties perfect for anyone turning one year younger (Ages 6+) With super karts reaching a blinding 75 km/hour, go kart races with your mates has never had such high stakes. If the birthday boy or girl is ultra competitive, they will love the opportunity to refine their skills with many tracks offering a qualifying race, followed by a main race.

Ace Karts parties offer catering, function spaces, and even BBQ areas for you and your friends to party in post-race. If you’re worried about cost, you can save cash by telling your mates to BYO alcohol.

If you love the idea of a fun birthday with your friends, but you’re nervous about racing around at top speed, try the 2-seater kart. Enlist your partner, child or bestie to sit with you in a double kart with a max speed of 55km/hour. It’ll be more fun for you, plus you won’t have to move quite as fast. Great go kart companies cater to people of all ages and experience levels, so if you’ve got a need for speed, book your next birthday at a race track.

  • Break Room Experience

If getting your friends together and smashing things with baseball bats is your idea of fun, The Break Room is your best birthday idea yet. Don overalls, get your bat, and start swinging. Whether your boss has been working you and your mates to the ground, or you’re frustrated about something at home, smashing things makes it feel so much better. Finish the event by heading to one of Melbourne’s popular Collingwood bars or restaurants afterwards to celebrate.

  • Winery tour with your own private shuttle bus

Wine tours suit birthday parties of all ages, over 18 of course! Hire a shuttle or coach, depending on the size of your event, and hit the nearest wine region. If your party is large, call the cellar doors ahead of time i so they know you’re coming and can plan ahead. If you have fewer than six people, you shouldn’t need to book if you’re happy with smaller, free tastings.

Many wineries offer award winning restaurants, making them a perfect halfway stopping point for your birthday tour. If you’re after something more casual, breweries and distilleries often offer quick bites.

  • Cooking class for foodies

Italian, Thai, Japanese, American BBQ and cheese-making are just a few popular cooking class ideas for your next birthday party. If you and your friends are foodies, choose a class that lets you cook in a classroom so you all get a chance to sharpen your culinary skills. If your group are more interested in learning a few cooking tricks while sipping wine, try a group class hosted at one of your homes. At-home classes usually involve demonstration by the chef, while you jot down notes on the recipes, and watch the chef cook while you sip.

  • Indoor Mini Golf

Mini golf has had a makeover, and it’s more fun than ever thanks to new indoor mini golf brands blending current trends with the old-school sport. Mini golf works for birthday parties of all ages, with most offering great cocktails and bars within the facilities. Booking ahead of time is important to ensure you get enough time for your whole group to finish the course.

Birthday party ideas have never been more exciting or varied thanks to innovative activity brands. From high speed go karting to cleverly curated cooking classes, there’s an incredibly exciting birthday parties for all ages and tastes. Whichever exciting birthday party idea you choose to do, make sure to send out fun party invitation cards to your guests at least three weeks before the party date. This is to ensure that everyone has enough time to prepare and respond to the invitation.

Image Credits: Goh Rhy Yan

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