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We all know music is a tough nut to crack. So many talented artists fail to reach success each year. Many give up and go into jobs they would never have dreamt of. But, some keep the love alive by going down a different musical route. Some become record producers. Some become session musicians. And, others become festival producers. Aside from performing onstage, nothing quite beats the feeling of developing a festival for others to enjoy. They may not be listening to your music. But, they’re listening to the music you love. Of course, small gigs with local bands are easy enough to put on. They’re happy for the publicity, so may not cost you much. But, as you started this for the love of music, the chances are you’ll want to work with your favorite songwriters at some point. And, they aren’t quite as easy to reach out to. But, here are some steps you can take to catch their eye.

Build a name for yourself

There are no shortcuts when it comes to music as a business. You can’t start a festival company and expect big names straight away. In the industry, it’s all about who you know. And, patience will ensure the right people hear your name. Try to keep those big gigs from your mind. Instead, focus on making your small gigs the best they can be. It’s the only way to get yourself out there. If you don’t put full effort into acts who aren’t a priority to you, you won’t get far. And, it doesn’t hurt to let promoters know who you are. Once you have a decent following, send a quick email explaining what you do and why they should care about it.

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Offer something different

The festival field may not be as crowded as the recording studio, but there are still plenty of people trying to do the same as you. That’s why you need to ensure you offer something different. Unique venues in various countries are sure to catch the right eyes. But, taking an act abroad isn’t as easy as you might think. Each country has rules organizers must follow. This article by Mike Pio Roda, Managing Director of Pinnacle Live Concepts, outlines how to break into China. And, further research will show you what to consider when hosting in other countries.

Flattery goes a long way

At the end of the day, your favorite artists are only human. As such, you could just be straight about why you want to work with them. Most musicians are more than happy to interact with fans. And, with Twitter and other technology, you can now communicate directly with them. Try contacting your favorite musicians and telling them how much their music means to you. Then, let them know what you do and how keen you are to work with them. Again, you should wait until you have a decent following before taking this step. But, once you’re ready, it might well work!

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