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Flowers are presented as a gift in a multitude of occasions like weddings, festivals, funerals and anniversaries. Every feeling is expressed in one form or another by these delicate blooms. Flowers are considered as the language of feelings. While flowers presented on definite occasions contingent mostly on the period in which the occurrence falls, in the end, it is the charm of the recipient that should be the decisive aspect in the choice of the flower gift. So, let us have an insight of some of the best flower gifting options.

Blue Iris

The beautiful Blue Iris is evocative of faith and hope. It has different senses but when given as a gift to someone, Blue Iris transports deep sentiments. And, do you know that the origin of the Iris is believed to have enchanted powers just like the power to attract a new paramour? And what better than a bouquet of beautiful Blue Iris is a perfect flowery preparation to express your deepest emotions to your lover. If you want to confess your affection, send flowers to Mumbai, Aurangabad, Pune, or similar city where the person of your dreams resides.


Only some people know that Sunflowers also make a great flower garland for a proposal. Yes, a bouquet of bright sunflowers is a perfect floral arrangement to animate your love life. So, if you are conjecturing how to tell your lover that his or her company then a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers will do it for you.


Daffodils are incomparable flowers that symbolize friendship, and they belong to the Narcissus type. Highlighting a trumpet-shaped structure placed against a contextual in the shape of a star, daffodils come in deep yellow. They display in the spring season and they bloom in clusters. Native to the Mediterranean area, these beautiful flowers can also be found in shadows of yellow & orange, lime & green, white & orange, pink and more.


In the Greek folklore, the story of the lilac flower is quite attractive. It starts with an excellent fairy called ‘Syringa’, which is actually the botanic name of the flower. When the titan of farms and woods, Pan, is bewitched by Syringa’s prettiness, he starts pursuing her. Horrified by Pan, the nymph turns into a fragrant flower, the lilac. The purple flower is a portent to the spring season, and it symbolizes emotions of love and admiration.


Technically known as “Jasminum samba”, the jasmine flower is a prevalent species of the genus, and it is Indonesia’s national flower. Enormously popular worldwide, jasmine is native to moderate and tropical regions around the world. Sweet-smelling and extremely inviting at a first glimpse, its cologne is usually out in the evening, after the sun sets, and particularly when it’s an almost full moon.

Apart from this many other flowers are considered a wonderful gift such as Hyacinth, Magnolia, Gardenia, Orchid, and Gerbera. Flowers, if selected wisely according to the emotion and interest, flowers can win over the receiver.

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