Four Ways to Dress Bike Shorts

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The rise of athleisure has put many gym-only clothes onto the streets and even the catwalks. The latest garment making waves is nothing less than the biker short. These shorts, which are notable for their above-the-knee, skin-tight look have been styled successfully by celebrities, fashion designers, and fashionable street-wear women around the world.

They are undoubtedly comfortable, and with a few classic elements like a blazer or shirt, can create a unique and exciting look everyone will want to wear this summer.

This sleek alternative to the neo-hippie look of farm dresses and maxi looks is a welcome statement that is sure to make heads turn. So join the ranks of Chanel, and try out the biker short trend for yourself with these top four styling tips.

With a Fitted Blazer

A fitted blazer or coat is a great way to dress bike shorts. Choose a style that sits around your top thigh for a naughty but safe look with your bike trousers. If you want to add a touch of colour or to highlight your waist, then simply belt it with a wide belt option. From there you can wear heels or sneakers, depending on whether you want to dress the look up or down. Of course, bike shorts go with a range of jacket styles, including parka coats for real festival-chic. Visit to browse their array of styles.

With an Oversized Shirt

One of our favourite ways to style the biker short is with an oversized shirt. Princess Diana led the charge with this way back when with biker shorts and an oversized sweater, and modern renditions have taken her cue. Today try wearing an oversized button-down shirt or blouse and pair it with strappy heels and a bum bag. These cool, noughties-inspired accessories are a great way to look great and stand out from the sea of maxi-floral dresses that will be hitting the streets this summer.

With a Crop Top or Bralette

Another way to wear biker shorts and a blazer or retro coat is with a crop top or bralette underneath. This will show off your figure and help you stay cool in the hot summer months. For an easy beach look, wear your bikini underneath and a kimono instead of the blazer.

Over a Statement Short Dress

Show dresses or oversized shirts have one thing in common – they can be difficult to wear. Enter the biker short. With biker shorts, you can comfortably and safely wear the shortest of dresses and rock it with style and elegance. Pair with heels, sneakers, or, if you want to draw attention to your legs, with thigh-high boots so you have just a hint of thigh showing between boot and biker short.

The best part about these biker shorts is that they are incredibly comfortable and built for heavy workouts, meaning they are there to help keep you sweat-free and dry. This makes them the perfect cosy-wear both on the streets and at home chilling on your couch. No matter how you wear them, they will get plenty of use and be a fan favourite in no time.

Image Credits: Blubel

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