From 20 Minutes Without Cigarettes To 10 Years: The Impact

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We all know that smoking is bad for us. We all know that if we quit smoking we are going to be much healthier. But the problem is; we don’t actually know what this equates to. Yes, our breathing will improve, but will this take three days, three months or three years? When people don’t receive specifics regarding how something is going to benefit them it becomes very easy to overlook the advantages of quitting smoking and thus we continue with the bad habit.

This blog post provides you with a realistic quit smoking timeline of the health benefits you can expect to reap once you have stopped smoking cigarettes. Of course, everybody is different. You may notice that you start to taste food better within a mere day of quitting whilst for someone else it may take four to five days. Also, people have different routes. A lot use the likes of to move from cigarettes to vaping. Nevertheless, this is a general guideline and should give you a good idea of how quitting is going to improve your life.

After 20 minutes…

Yes, after twenty minutes you will begin to notice health benefits. Your pulse and blood pressure will return to their normal rate. But this doesn’t mean you can pick up a cigarette after twenty minutes have passed by!

After 24 hours…

The benefits keep coming as soon as you make the decision and take the action to stop smoking. Within a day your lungs will begin to clear.

After two days…

This is when your body becomes completely nicotine-free. However, the good news does not end there. You will also notice that your sense of smell and taste improve as well. Why not treat yourself to a nice meal out? You will enjoy it more than you ever have before.

After three days…

After your delicious meal the night before you can head to the park and go for a run. Not only will you burn off the calories, but your energy will have increased by this time and you will find it a lot easier to breathe as well. This will present a significant improvement to your everyday life as you will have more energy at work and around the home as well.

From two to twelve weeks…

During this period you will notice significant benefits to your health and wellbeing. Your circulation will improve substantially. Head to for other ways to improve your circulation. Moreover, your breathing will become much better and you will have eradicated your wheezing and smoker’s cough by the end of the period.

After a year…

One of the major worries for smokers is the increased risk of heart trouble. However, after one year of being cigarette free, your risk of heart attack will be half of what it was before.

After ten years…

It takes a while to diminish your risk of lung cancer, but it is worth it because in ten years’ time your chance of suffering from lung cancer will be cut in half.

When you consider this quit smoking timeline it is quite evident to see that the advantages of smoking are varied and vast. However, the good news is that it doesn’t take long for you to start benefitting from more energy, a better sense of taste, improved circulation, and more. The effect of smoking on platelet count in blood is still controversial at the time of writing, though research into increasing your platelet count is being done.

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