Gaming Startup Wonder is Building a Portable Android Console

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If you are a Nintendo fan, we are sure you have tried the different consoles they have had to offer until now, be it the Nintendo Wii or the ever-popular Nintendo Game Boy series. However, if you wanted something a little different than the typical Nintendo fare, even after they recently launched their Nintendo Switch, here is news that you’ll love – you might soon have an Android powered portable console from Wonder! We are pretty sure you could even play casino games on it with a Caesars casino bonus code!

What does that mean for you?

Nintendo has always been a leading name in the video gaming industry revolutionizing it at one time. The CEO of the less known startup Wonder, Andy Kleinman thinks the current game industry is geared up for a hybrid piece of hardware. He was not mentioning about the Nintendo Switch but displayed a standard Android smart phone lookalike at the San Francisco office of Verge. The device has a large screen and comes in a sleek, squared design.

What Would the Device Look Like?

The prototype device has been created by Sillicon Valley Industrial designer Yves Behar. Wonder expects the device to attract attention of all game lovers and gadget freaks that always look for innovative technology. The device runs an operating system called WonderOS unlike a standard smartphone. The layer of software enables the engineers to overclock the graphics processor just like gamers do on their gaming rigs. The content can also be viewed on a TV by connecting the Wonder device.

Kleinman has a long exposure of the gaming industry and thinks the mobile market has been oversaturated. There is nothing unique coming out and most brands are chasing Apple’s consumer demographics. Kleinman hopes to come up with an ecosystem unlike Apple which revolves around gaming, admiration for niche devices and the online communities. He wants to follow a similar trajectory to that of Essential Phone of Android co-founder Andy Rubin but giving it a gaming and entertainment twist. For us gamers, it sure does sound exciting!

When Can You Expect It?

The final product is expected to come out next year which will offer the hardware with a subscription service. The users also get access to controller, docks, smartphones and a range of software services. The dock and the controller will enable the users to play games on big screens and will also have a slot to fit the phone as a screen. The games will be from existing game companies, and some new ones will also be developed exclusively.

Wonder also has some competition in their gaming arena. Nvidia came up with something similar called Shield in 2013 which also operated on Android. But absence of solid software and a developer support made the project a commercial failure. We also have Sony in the handheld gaming market with their PSP and Vita, the latter of which is being sunset in the Western market. It seems the handheld console market is still looking for the next DS or Game Boy, which versus a typical smartphone, will take something very special.

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