Garlic Bread Recipe

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It was 5PM, the lasagne was sitting soaking up the flavours. I thought; Why have just lasagne? I hunted through the kitchen and found the French baguette I had bought the previous day. The craving for garlic bread popped into my head. I looked, I had everything I needed. Time to get cracking.

Garlic Bread Recipe 1

First I chopped the French baguette into slices an inch thick, set them aside and moved onto the garlic butter.

I got a good amount of butter and added garlic paste until it tasted just right; Simples.

Following this, I put a good amount on the bread and let it soak in for 30 minutes. This letting the different flavours soak deep into the bread for a more mouth-watering flavour all round.

When it was time for cooking, I mixed in 50% dried basil and 50% oregano. Once done, I sprinkled the herb mixture over the garlic butter that had now soaked into the bread. It looked and smelled like it would tickle the taste-buds of my family perfectly. The only question that remained was if it would do the trick.

It took 5 minutes on the highest temperature of my grill to toast them to my liking. The butter had penetrated about one quarter to a third of the way through. The smell of the lasagne and garlic bread was delectable.

It was as good as it looked, better than store bought. Sitting here writing this article causes my mouth to start watering at the very thought of the beautiful toasted texture of the bread and the taste of the garlic with a hint of creaminess from the butter.

Garlic Bread Recipe 2

It worked, I was bloody happy with myself, and the family loved it too.
So if you’re ever stuck for a starter or something to top your meal off perfectly, this would be a cheap and easy way of doing so!

Much love,


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Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
12 years ago

Such an epically delicious recipe.