Gun Safety Tips for Families with Young Children

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Families with children absolutely have a reason to take suitable measures to protect their loved ones and homes. Some of these families choose to procure firearms to safeguard their families, as is their legal right. Some people just enjoy building firearms starting with an 80 pistol frame. With that said, any adult who lives with small children must take additional steps to lock up and secure their weapons. Children are highly susceptible to accidentally injuring themselves with firearms. Even if they have been educated on firearm safety and taught to use them in a safe manner, it is critical that firearms stay locked away and inaccessible by anyone other than an adult. Here are some gun safety tips that every family with small children can benefit from.

Don’t Glamourize Firearms

Those who use guns on a regular basis are more than likely skilled marksman who carries a natural air of confidence. From the perspective of a child, it can be easy for them to start associating guns with ‘coolness.’ Tell your children facts about guns but try as much as you can to not glamourize their usage. Once they get older, they will naturally understand that guns are also potentially dangerous.

Keep All Weapons in a Gun Safe

Without a doubt, the preferred way for all families with small children to store their weapons is inside a gun safe. As gun safes are only accessible via a combination or key, children will never be able to access those weapons if they are always kept inside. The biggest tip about getting a gun safe is that they actually have to be used as intended all the time. A gun safe won’t do your family much good if you still keep some of your firearms in areas of the home that your children can reach.

Consider wearing your weapons in holsters, which you can purchase from Front Line Holsters, as they are well made and designed to stay in place until you are ready to retrieve your firearm. In other words, gun safes keep firearms away from children when adults are preoccupied. Well-made holsters keep kids safe while you are carrying a firearm and may be temporarily distracted. In addition to firearms, gun components and accessories, such as bullets, carry handle rear sights, and optics should be kept in the safe. While not dangerous without being attached to a firearm, they shouldn’t be lying around the house within the reach of young children and pets.

Teach Children About Firearms When Age Appropriate

For a lot of families, it is critical that their children both learn and understand how firearms work as a fact of life. Farmers, members of law enforcement, hunters, and military veterans are some examples of people who might frequently handle firearms while in the presence of minors. It might also be necessary for a family living in an isolated part of the woods to teach their children how to use weapons to ward off animal attacks. To keep your children safe, teach them about firearms and how they can be potentially dangerous to themselves and others at a very young age. Let them know that they are never to play with firearms or to attempt to fire them. Older children might be taken to a firing range so that they can start to become more comfortable with handling weapons under the watchful eye of their parents. Finally, teens should have the critical thinking skills to be able to handle firearms with a little less supervision.

A household that takes firearm safety seriously is also going to be a home where children stay safe. There is no such thing as going ‘overboard,’ when you have a home that houses guns as well as kids. Put your gun up when not in use and teach your kids about firearm safety if you take parental responsibility seriously.

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