Here Are Some Ways to Help You Build an Excellent Working Relationship with Your Colleagues

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Your working life is essential to your career progress, and your relationship with your workmates is even more important, whether you know it or not. Regardless of the positions you find yourselves in or assigned to, having a pleasant working relationship makes the workplace a very productive one, and even leads to employees forming personal relationships and long-lasting friendships with each other.

Moreover, there are very few organizations that give their employees 100% freedom to work alone, so most employees will rely on the expertise of their co-workers to succeed in their work, make profits, or grow the organization.

Here are some ways you can enhance your relationship with your colleagues:

Open communication and honesty

It is good to have a positive working relationship, but it is even better to having a social relationship with your colleagues. You may not be aware of it, but this effort will help you know them on a better level, so that your team chemistry is greater and you can accomplish more.

Have a likeable personality

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Honesty and openness will not work all the time with some colleagues, and you will find that they will continue not being receptive to the idea of forming a relationship. However, this does not mean you write them off completely, so you can try another approach.

You can do tasks with them on many fronts, and keeping them within the loop of communication can assist them to be productive as well, such as Minnesota drug rehabs providing resources to recovering individuals and keeping them in the know. Helping them or offering your assistance in tasks that are related to work and staying positive can also help them to like you and see you as a hardworking colleague that is willing to do more than their fair share.

Finding a common interest

To get to know total strangers is an awkward experience, especially for some individuals. However, it is also good to remember that the people you call your closest friends were strangers to you at some point. That will help you ease some of the worry that may come with interacting with colleagues you do not know.

Focusing on possible common interests you may share is a way to bond, and it can be something simple, like owning a pet, or watching the same TV show, listening to similar music or sharing a favorite band, or watching similar sports. That common interest can sustain a relationship.

Become observant

Building an appropriate relationship at the workplace does not come easily to some individuals, so they may find things difficult.

In this case, it is a good idea to examine the culture of the company, and this can help you know or make a choice if you need or can engage with co-workers outside of work. For instance, instead of inviting a colleague for dinner or a weekend run, you can invite them for lunch. That effort to bond slowly can bring positive results when done consistently, and can help you grow as colleagues.

Talk to colleagues lower or even higher than you

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The default is to have a positive relationship with co-workers on a similar level as you are in, but this should not limit you to just that. Try to develop relationships with people who are at higher and lower levels in the organization. This will benefit multiple workers in the company, and will increase productivity in the company overall.

Keep in mind that ranks can change, even on a sudden basis. Do not treat anyone with contempt, even those lower than you – you might find them having higher ranks quickly, and a good relationship will enhance the transition smoothly.

Have common courtesy skills

This may seem like an obvious piece of advice, but you might be surprised to find not everyone has the same attitude. Many people have a standoffish attitude when dealing with people, even those that are of a similar rank as them.

It is very discouraging to say hello to a colleague only to receive a stony stare as a response, so try and say hello back. Ensuring that non-verbal communication is evident and welcoming will keep the co-worker relationship going, even if it is not close.

It does not need to be a long chat over coffee break, but treat your office mate as you would a roommate – be kind to everyone, have your own space and respect other people’s space, and have some common sense while interacting with others.

Communicate effectively – use effective methods

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Sometimes, you may not get the desired results you want from your co-workers. For instance, you may send an email, only to have it go unanswered for some time, making you think that the recipient ignored it, even though it was not intended to be that way.

Before you respond negatively, think about the repercussions of any response you give. It may be taken in the wrong way and leave you with a backlog of damage control to deal with. Instead of a hurried angry response, you can try asking your co-worker in person or over the phone if they have gotten the email. Maybe they were occupied with other activities and could not respond, or they did not see the message.

Always give your co-workers the benefit of the doubt when dealing with them, and when they make mistakes, be ready to forgive them – unless they are openly blowing you off.

Respect the time of others

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Every job you do involves giving service to others, regardless of the exact nature of the job. Therefore, avoid interrupting the time of your colleagues unless it is an emergency. In addition, avoid handing out work as someone is relaxing, on their tea break, or heading home.

Among the secrets to productivity is keeping work and personal lives separate, even for your employees. Do not pressure them to do work assignments when they are in their private time, or else you risk coming off as someone who does not value the personal time of others.

Final thoughts

Becoming a good employee or co-worker involves respecting each person you interact with, regardless of who they are or what their status is. It is also the secret to forming good relations at work, and increasing productivity in the workplace.

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