Home Renovation: Making Space for a Growing Family

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Most of the time, expanding your family means you and your loved ones might need some extra space to spread out. Of course, buying a bigger house is an option but if you don’t feel like moving, starting a home renovation project and adding more space to your home is something you just can’t go wrong with. With that said, let’s take a look at a few proven ways to make space for a growing family.

Build a new bathroom

One bathroom may be enough for small families, but if you’re having a baby or plan to grow your family in the future, building an extra bathroom is a great idea. The best part of it is that you don’t need a large amount of space in order to add a new bathroom to your home. As long as there’s some extra space in your bathroom or you have a large hallway you want to repurpose, you’ll be good to go. If you’re still not convinced that building a new bathroom is the right thing to do for you, just do some online research on what kind of issues one-bathroom families face.


Repurpose your attic space

Most homes have spacious attics but if you don’t need some extra space for keeping stuff you no longer have use for, repurposing your attic may be exactly what your family needs. Converting your attic into a room maximizes the use of space in your house and helps you prepare for when new members of your family arrive. Most importantly, the project isn’t going to cost you a lot and you’ll end up with at least one extra room in your home. Whether you choose to build a room for your children or move your home office to the attic, the project is guaranteed to help you expand.

Build a new storey

Expending vertically may just be the solution you and your loved ones were looking for. Building a second storey requires no extra space in your backyard and can be performed on most homes. The best part of it is that this renovation project allows you to build as many new rooms as you want. Add a few new rooms for you and your children and you’ll never even have to think about moving to a bigger home. Just bear in mind that expending vertically is a big project and turning to a company that offers second storey additions is recommended.

Living room

Convert your basement

Just like with your attic, you can easily repurpose your basement and turn it into a place where you can hang out with your family. Most homeowners decide to turn their basement into a family room where they can spend some quality time with their children. For example, many of them decide to buy a large screen TV and build a home theater right in their basement. If there’s enough space to fit a large table, you can also keep all of your board games in your basement and host regular game nights.

Go for an open plan

Take a closer look at any modern home and you’ll see plenty of open space. Open floor spaces not only look amazing, but they also help you make your home bigger and allow you to spend more time with your children. Not only this, but if you decide to ditch standard walls and replace them with columns and beams, you also create extra storage where you and your family members can keep your stuff. If you opt for this idea, try to use sofas and rugs to establish zones in your open space.

Creating some extra space for your growing family doesn’t have to be difficult. Opt for any of these ideas and you won’t even have to think about moving when the children are born.

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