How Can I Earn Money as a Student?

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It’s frustrating being a student sometimes, you can feel like you always have a need for money but not many ways to earn. In this guide, we’re looking into how you can earn money even while you are at college studying for the future. You may be able to access loans, and those of us with generous and fortunate parents may be able to get financial support from them, but a lot of people still have to find some part time work in order to make ends meet.

Fortunately, there are so many ways in which you can earn a bit of extra cash these days. We live in the age of the gig economy, so even if you aren’t able to make a full time living, you may be able to use your skills and spare time to generate some funds for your studies and to allow you to have a social life.

5 Ways to Earn Money as a Student

Below, we’ve listed five of the top ways that you can make money as a student:

  1. Offer tutoring skills. The fact that you’re studying at college means you already have some knowledge in a certain area, and there might be plenty of high school kids in the area who need a helping hand. You can advertise your services online or work with local educational establishments
  2. Do something in the “gig” economy. This can include offering some services on From voiceover to writing work, there are loads of ways in which you might be able to make some money from your dorm room. It can be hard to get your first customers, but plenty of people are using online platforms to make good money out of their skills. If you are good at something, people may well pay for it. Aspiring graphic designers, musicians, and other creatives tend to be especially successful on these gig platforms.
  3. Sell something. You may have a lot of old stuff you don’t need anymore that you could sell, and your family and friends may also have some items you could list for sale for them. Once you’ve sold the old clothes or electronics you don’t need anymore, you might be able to start buying things wholesale and start your own business.
  4. Work on campus. A lot of colleges are like their own little societies, and this means that there are places you can work, such as student bars. It’s always worth talking to the officials at the university if you want some work, as there are things you might be able to do to make a little money, you could even work in the library on campus.
  5. Delivery driving. If you have a motorcycle or a car then there could be opportunities to do some delivery driving to make some extra money. The gig economy has also made this a lot simpler, and the restrictions for something like UberEats are a little more forgiving than if you just want to drive Uber to transport passengers, so it is more of a viable option for students. We’ve explored more about UberEats below.

Reasons Why UberEats Is the Ideal Part-Time Job for Students

UberEats is a fantastic option for students who can drive. There are a lot of reasons why this form of delivery driving is a fantastic option for students. A lot of university campuses are in areas where there are a lot of restaurants that you can work as a delivery driver for, and a huge number of people ordering food.

On top of that, you can choose when you work, and fit it around your studies. It’s a great way not to impede too much on your studies and your social life. If you’re a bit quieter, you can spend more time driving. You can just use the app to log in and out, and effectively clock in and out of work as a result. As long as your vehicle meets the UberEats requirements for your state, and you have the insurance you need, you can drive for UberEats and make a decent hourly rate.

What are the Work Rules for Students?

You’re allowed to go and get a part time job as a student in the US. This means that it is easy to get a summer job or something part time.

If you are a foreign student and you want to work during your studies then you may be able to participate in up to 20 hours a week of “on-campus” work, which means either within the university or at an affiliated workplace. It’s best to ask the university for help if you are struggling with what you can and cannot do under your student visa.

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