How Do Premium Hand Sanitizers Differ from Normal Ones?

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We can’t avoid germs no matter where we go. It’s a matter of time before we get diseases from the stuff we touch. We may forget what we touch on our way to someplace. The important thing is to remember to wash your hands. However, not all the time we can access soap and water, or simply a faucet.

Thus, all of us should stay prepared.

With the ongoing pandemic, we never know what to expect. We should always be prepared at what may happen, and the first step is to have the necessary stuff to disinfect and avoid germs and bacteria.  It’s about time that people learn to wash their hands properly and. It needs a combination of soap and water to disinfect the germs effectively, after all. Know more about proper handwashing here:

However, there may be times where you don’t have access to soap and water. You might be at a place where they don’t have any faucets, and not everyone carries around a bar of soap. We may have difficulty washing our hands during those times. It’s not good to forget about disinfecting nowadays. It has become very important since that may be the only hope to avoid spreading the virus any further.

Alcohol and water-based products have become very convenient for those who can’t access those necessary things. We can all agree that we can’t avoid going into the outside world. Most of us have to work and maybe run some errands. However, we need to have a little something with us to disinfect our hands. That specific “something” is a hand sanitizer.

What is a hand sanitizer?

Even though handwashing with soap and water is preferable, it’s also recommended to use a sanitizer. It comes in forms like liquid, gel, and even foam. It is made up of basically alcohol and water. Although, there are a lot of add on ingredients depending on the brand. It is used to disinfect and lessen the bacteria and all sorts of germs. That way, you have an easier and quicker way to disinfect your hands (read more).

Normally, about 60% of alcohol is included with each sanitizer produced. Along with that is the base ingredient, which is aloe vera. However, most sanitizers don’t have ingredients that give skin benefits. Regular alcohol often dries up your skin, which is why some people don’t like to use it. It makes you uncomfortable because you feel like all the moisture from your hands has been stripped off.

This is where sanitizers come in handy. It fulfills its purpose of disinfecting while leaving your hands soft and smooth. However, how is it able to do that? Since sanitizers are more of a skin-friendly disinfectant they have ingredients that can moisturize your skin entirely. This way, you are more comfortable and not to mention safe. Along with that is the different types of scents that most of us love.

There are many types of sanitizers all around the world. With all the products available, it gets confusing to pick one that you really need. But aside from the regular ones, premium hand sanitizers are proven to be better. Although, what is the difference between the premium and normal ones?

Woman using hand sanitizer

It’s hard to tell which sanitizer is better when you come to the point of buying one. In contrast to alcohol, sanitizers are much milder, although it may depend on the alcohol content. Additionally, most of them smell great because of certain ingredients like essential oils. According to this article from Moxe, premium sanitizers are better since they contain essential oils that have tons of benefits. Essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties.

Products with essential oils are more beneficial to use because not only does it clean your hands, it also moisturizes, and adds a protective layer. This way, you can face the day confidently since you know you’re safe, clean, and comfortable. Normal sanitizers differ in many ways when compared to premium ones. But above all, use sanitizers with essential oils instead. You no longer have to disinfect your hands with products you don’t like.

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