How To Make Easter Easier

So with Mothering Sunday out of the way for yet another year we thought it was time to help you guys out with Easter. Easter can be whatever you want it to be, but here at Previous we know what you don’t want it to be, and that’s stressful. What with family visiting, kids and teens being off school, and the dreaded ‘I left it until last minute and now all of the stores are out of eggs‘ rush. We thought that we would help you get prepared and do it the easy way!

Make Easter easy

Now no matter what you’re doing, we’ve got the ideal solution for you to have an egg-cellent time. Whether it be cooking Easter Sunday dinner for the family, making sure the kids aren’t bored or maybe even finding the perfect egg for that perfect person, we’ve got it covered!

Easter for the whole family

Mom and dad want a family Easter Sunday, the kids want egg hunts, and the teens just want to be left alone? Yes, that sounds like a typical Easter in my house too. But, it’s a new year and time for a new start. Here’s how you can get everyone involved!

Why not prepare for the teen ‘boredom’ beforehand by getting them involved from the very start? Ask them to come up with some ideas to keep themselves and the kids happy and pop them all in a hat and pick out as many as you wish! It could be cooking, crafts or even a cosy day in with Netflix!
Here’s some ideas to get you started:

There’s so much that you could do, and if you just put everyone’s ideas into a tub and pick out some activities it’s a great way to get everyone involved in an easy Easter!

There’s always the alternative of going on a day out for Easter, you could go to a zoo or safari park and see the animals, maybe even pop by a farm and see all the baby chicks and lambs. Or you could also take the easy route and head to the cinema to find something to keep everyone entertained!

Now maybe you’re not spending easter with your family, but instead you’re spending it with your special someone, there’s some great ways to show someone you care, and here we have some tips for you:

There’s so many things you can do to make Easter romantic! You could get your loved one a personalized Easter egg with an “I love you” or maybe even something more romantic like a proposal, though perhaps you want something a little more memorable, maybe you want something that they can keep and look back on whenever they feel like it! Why not make them an easter basket? You could use little pieces of paper with things you love about them, or you could go the extra mile and make them go on an Easter egg hunt with each clue being a romantic quote, or a special memory that you both share. Be creative and I’m sure it’ll pay off!

Remember that Spring is the season of new starts, let’s make this one memorable, shall we?

And here’s to an easy Easter!

Daffodils and bunny ears,

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12 years ago

i got the hint real fast there but any way that is a good idea for the kid’s they will be more than happy to try new thing’s.