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If you’re going to invest a significant amount of your cash in a laptop, then you want to ensure that it lasts a long time. If you have to replace it more often than you’d like to, then you’ll end up spending far too much money unnecessarily! And making your laptop last longer is about more than the cash, too. There’s also the matter of affection (aw). We grow attached to our computers; they’re an extension of ourselves, sometimes. We don’t want to give that up without a fight. So take action. Below, we take a look at a few smart tips and tricks that’ll extend the life of your computer.

Look After It

It all begins with your mindset. If you approach your computer with a caring attitude, then you’ll find that your laptop naturally lasts longer. So think about your general treatment, how you’re carrying it around, and so on. It can make a big difference to the general life of the technology. Buy a protective cover, and treat it with care. Nothing bad will happen when you throw your laptop onto your bed just once, but if you’re doing it all the time, then eventually scratches and dents will start to appear.

Deep Cleaning

Our laptops are a hive of dirt, grime, grease, you name it. This doesn’t happen overnight — it’s a slower process. Take a look at a new laptop and yours after six months of use, and you’ll see what we mean. If you’ve got a new computer, make a habit of deep cleaning it. You can use an air can to spray away all the dust that has gathered between the keys, while an alcohol and water mix can be used to scrub away the dirt and grease around the edges. You’ll also want to invest in a screen washer, too. Don’t leave it too long between cleaning sessions: those stubborn marks can be difficult to remove.

Embrace the Updates

The physical condition of the computer is one thing, but that won’t matter all that much if it’s running too slow to be of use. It’s important that you keep your computer updated as and when when new updates are available. It’s not always convenient to sit your laptop aside and make the switch, but it is worth it. It keeps everything in full working condition, and will make it last longer. Many people roll their eyes when a new update is made available, but keep in mind that the company that releases the update isn’t doing so for the sake of it: there’s always a reason.

Take Care of Issues

Try as you might, there’ll be times when something goes wrong with your laptop. Perhaps the screen is damaged, or the keyboard doesn’t work as well anymore, or the battery just won’t stay charged. You might be able to live with these problems, but they’ll compromise the lifespan of your laptop. And as time goes on, things will only go worse — when it’s no longer in tip-top condition, you’ll be less inclined to take good care of it. As such, it’s important that you’re taking care of any issues as and when they arise. Take it to a store that offers a laptop repair service, and get it back to full working condition. Aside from fixing whatever issue it had, they’ll also be able to check that your laptop doesn’t have any other issues.

Small Upgrades

There’ll be times when your computer begins to annoy you, or you can begin to feel like it could work a little better than it currently is. Instead of looking at the laptops that are available to purchase, why not look at giving your laptop an upgrade. One such way is to upgrade the RAM, a component of the technology that has a significant impact on the overall usability. For some machines, it’s a simple process; you just take off the back, and switch out your old RAM with your new, more powerful RAM. In other cases, you may need more specialised help. The good thing about doing this is that it’s highly affordable, especially when compared to the cost of buying a new machine. You may also want to upgrade the hard drive so that you have more space; those large files can begin to weigh your computer down.

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A Regular Clear Out

If you don’t want to buy a new hard drive, then take a look at uploading your files to the cloud. You’ll have to pay for it, but it’s highly affordable, and once you’ve got it, you’ll be able to clear out the files from your hard drive. Those files will be secure, and just as accessible as when they were stored on your computer. Another place to look when it comes to clearing out space is your internet history — the cache can take up a lot of space. If your internet experience is slow, then this could be one way to speed things up.

Keep it at Home

It’s always tempting to take your laptop out with you, but it’s worthwhile leaving it at home. When we’re in cafes or on public transport, it’s much more likely that we’ll be subjected to spills and other incidents. Most of the time, we don’t really need to have our laptops with us. When you’re travelling, also remember that, while your home area might be safe, there are plenty of spots where petty theft is a big problem. Your laptop won’t last very long if someone steals it!

Smart Usage

Finally, remember to be smart when you’re using your laptop. There are plenty of dangerous websites out there, which exist to infect you with a virus — and then make you pay to have it removed, which is never the end of it. Make sure you’re practising basic internet safety to ensure that you’re not unintentionally causing harm to your laptop.

Take the above tips, and you’ll ensure that it’s many years before you need to upgrade or replace your laptop.

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