How to Repair My Outlook File with a Tool?

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Spoiler alert— it is free!

Outlook PST files carry important data. That’s why corrupt PST Files mean you have to repair Outlook. In today’s article, we will share the best tool that will help you in repairing Outlook files.

MS Outlook uses Outlook PST files to store data. This data includes your emails, notes, journals, contacts, and calendars. This also includes attachments in your system. Therefore, MS Outlook files are very important. And, if they get corrupt, you may lose invaluable data.

Outlook files can get corrupted due to a number of reasons. These reasons range from a sudden shutdown to a malicious virus. The good news is that it is possible to repair Outlook.

And, a better than good news is that it is super easy with the right tool.

Introducing the best free tool to repair Outlook, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair.

How can Stellar Phoenix Help in Repairing Outlook?

  • It recovers all components from your mailbox. This includes your emails, attachments, contacts, journals, notes and calendar items.
  • The free tool gives you the freedom to re-save your retrieved files. It supports EML, MSG, RTF, HTML and PDF formats.
  • Stellar Phoenix can also help in recovering emails that you accidentally delete. You can also use it for retrieving emails lost due to new system formatting.
  • It also helps in repairing encrypted or password-protected Outlook PST files.
  • The tool allows users to organize their emails according to different factors like date, importance, type, subject, etc.
  • Last, but most important, it repairs corrupt Outlook file. All files created MS Outlook, MS Office and MS Windows (2003- latest).

How can you Repair Outlook Files with Stellar Phoenix?

Getting Stellar Phoenix is super easy. Just use the link and download it. Once you download the tool, here is a simple guide to help you retrieve your corrupt Outlook files.

Step I—Install Stellar Phoenix.

Step II—Open Outlook PST Repair on your computer. Now, choose Select Outlook File and search the corrupt files in local drive.

Step III—Choose the PST file and select file types.

Step IV—The results will show all corrupt Outlook PST files. Choose the file and start the repairing process.

Step V—Select Scan Now and wait. Depending on the size of the PST file, the repair will take some time. Don’t worry, it works fast!

Step VI—The retrieved items from the file will appear on the left side of the screen. Preview before you hit Save.

You can save the file in different formats. And, that’s how you can repair Outlook PST files using this tool.

We always stress the importance of great Anti-virus Software. Good software will keep your computer safe from malicious viruses. This is very important for Outlook PST files and opening attachments that arrive in your mailbox.

Other than that, make sure your computer is always connected to a power source. Stop working when the battery shows less than 20% charging. Shut the computer safely after closing all tabs.

We hope this article will help you in retrieving corrupt Outlook PST files. Use Stellar Phoenix—our favorite free tool—to repair Outlook files.

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