How to Select the Right Shade of Sail Fabric

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Commercial buildings need to look appealing to attract clients and visitors. Every day, they get different people visiting their buildings, so it’s only necessary that they make it look pleasing and attractive to look at. One specific area that must look striking is the outdoor area as this can have an impact on your clients’ first impression on the business. What better way to achieve an attractive outdoor than installing shade sails.

To ensure a captivating look, the building owners need to choose the right type of fabric for the sail. Even if commercial shade sails are installed intricately, the fabric will still carry the overall look. What’s good about shade sails is that there are different kinds of fabrics to choose from. The only challenge is selecting the perfect one since a few commercial building owners still don’t know a lot about shade sail fabrics.

Determine What You Need from the Shade Sail

It’s always best to ask yourself a few questions before buying something. If you don’t know what to go for, you may end up buying the wrong type of fabric, causing it to be ineffective when installed. Here are the common questions to ask yourself when selecting fabric:

  • How will the shade sail be used? 

Some commercial properties need to have a shade sail for clients to relax under. The property might have a swimming pool, so it’s fitting to give guests some shade while they’re in the pool area. Aside from using it as a lounge area, the property owners can use it as a dining area. The food servers may take time preparing food for the guests, so providing shade for everyone while waiting for food is essential.

  • Do you prefer sun protection or waterproofing? 

You’ll be glad to know that most commercial shade sails can protect from both harmful heat rays and the rain. Having both of these protective properties allows you to have peace of mind that guests will stay protected no matter if it rains or gets too hot.

  • How much area should the shade sail cover?

Getting the wrong size of shade sails will be detrimental to the building and people. Not covering the necessary areas can leave some guests complaining about getting hit by the sun or getting wet from the rain. The best method is to have a larger shade sail that covers a bit more than the required area to ensure comfortability.

  • Will more people or vehicles be staying under the shade sail?

Whether it’s people or vehicles that need protecting, it’s necessary that these two stay protected at all times. The best option is to always get commercial shade sails that have rain and sun-blocking properties.

Choose the Right Colour

This is the perfect time to know about several possible colour combinations. Everyone knows that not every kind of colour will mix. When choosing the fabric colour, you have to keep in mind the overall aesthetic of the area you will be installing it on. Ensure that the colour you choose complements its surroundings.

Ensure Quality Fabric

After defining which colour to choose and how you’re going to use the shade sail, you have to make certain the overall quality. You wouldn’t want the fabric to tear quickly only after a few months. You also need to find out whether the fabric needs more constant maintenance than usual or if you need to hire professionals to do it.

Shade sails will look good in commercial properties when done right. When you choose the perfect fabric, you can expect happy and comfortable guests all the time.

Image Credits: Manolo Franco

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