How to Spot If You Have A Pest Infestation

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That feeling in your gut when you think you have a pest problem. It is pretty horrible. But now is not the time to stick your head in the sand, don’t put the health of your family and the condition of your property at risk. if you detect that you may have a pest problem, here is how you know for sure.

Get an expert opinion

It is good practice to have regular pest inspections administered by qualified pest control in Yarrawonga. Unfortunately, as homeowners we can only do and spot so much, but to the trained eye your pest infestation can be discovered and eradicated promptly. Even if it is determined that you do not have a pest problem, an expert pest control technician will be able to tell you how you can sharpen your pest security and any steps you can take to avoid your home being a target.

Look out for droppings

You would think that this may be an easy thing to spot. But you would be wrong. Pest droppings are small and can found out in the open, or in small crevices of your home. Pest droppings are the surest sign that you have pests so when you spot them it is critical that you call your pest control provider as soon as possible. If you don’t have a go-to provider, try searching for one locally online with queries like pest control St George Utah. You can also tell which pest you are dealing with based on the pest droppings.

Look out for nesting

Pest nests are another sign to look out for that lets you know you have a pest problem. They will present as piles of paper here, leaves there, and little clumps of garden clipping tightly packed together. These can be found inside and outside the home, usually in spaces that are hard to come by and not very exposed. Typical pest nest locations are inside cupboards, under floorboards and under low furniture.

Look out for damage to your property

Noticing damage to your physical property is disappointing on two counts; you will need to repair your home, and your definitely have a pest problem. Small holes in your wall and floorboards will let you know how and where they are getting in. unfortunately the damage doesn’t always end there. Depending on the type of pest you are dealing with, you may also notice chewing on your wires, furniture and flooring.

Listen out for it

Those scratching noises you hear in the middle of the night may not be your trees rubbing against your home. They may be pests in your home making their way around your homes on the hunt for food. Take note of which rooms you believe the noise to be coming from, and where you are when you hear the noise. This information is critical to your pest control team, and might uncover some more infestations.

Look out for outdoor damage

Next time you are watering your plants or hanging your washing on the line, take the time to inspect your backyard or outdoor area for damage. You won’t notice it right away, but get close to your plants and foliage to see if the plants have been chewed and damages by those unwelcome pests. Also look at your entrances and exits to see if there are any damages to your doors that may have come from pests trying to enter.

Finding you have pests is a horrible revelation. But failure to act? Well that could be a decision that will wreak havoc on your home and family for longer than you would like. When you spot the signs, get the experts out to eradicate your infestations so you can turn your home back into the safe sanctuary that it once was.

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