How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Relaxing Home Spa

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After a long, hard day at work, a trip to a spa sounds like Heaven on Earth. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we can all afford. Nonetheless, you still deserve a place to relax and unwind when you’re feeling stressed, which is where your bathroom comes in. For most people, the bathroom is where you brush your teeth, shower, and get ready for work in the morning, but it can be so much more than that. In fact, it can be the spa you’ve been dreaming of. Take a look at the tips below if you want to turn your bathroom into a relaxing home spa.

Clear Away Unnecessary Clutter

Most people find it incredibly hard to relax in a cluttered space, so it’s vital that your bathroom is as tidy and organized as it can be. This means moving all of your makeup, hair products, toiletries, and any other clutter to a storage space, like a basket, medicine cabinet, or cupboard. The only things that should be taking up space on your surfaces are relaxing decorative items, like plants, flowers, crystals, stones, and candles. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Add Some More Storage

If you’re having trouble finding somewhere to store all of your toiletries, then you should probably add some more storage to your bathroom. If you don’t know how to add extra storage in your bathroom, then you’re not alone, but it’s not as difficult as most people think. All you need to do is find any space in the room that isn’t currently being used, such as behind the door and above the toilet. Then, you can start adding baskets, hooks, and cabinets, and start putting away your stuff.

Calm The Color Scheme

Your mind associates different colours with different emotions, for example, red tends to be associated with danger. Because of this, you should decorate your bathroom with colours often associated with calm and relaxation. These include white, blue, green, and beige. Avoid adding any bright colours or bold patterns, as these will disrupt the calm image you’re trying to create. Instead, ensure that the walls, shower curtain, and any decorations fit this relaxing scheme.

Think Soft And Fluffy

Nothing says calm and relaxation like a big, fluffy bathrobe, so make sure that you’ve got one in your bathroom for before and after you have a bath or shower. You should also make sure that all of your towels and rugs are just as soft and cozy, so your entire bathroom experience feels just as luxurious as any spa. If you’ve got a big of cash to splash, and want to turn the luxury up one more notch, then you should also consider buying a towel warmer for extra coziness.

Let The Outside In

There’s nothing like having a bit of greenery in your bathroom, so consider adding a vase of fresh flowers or a few potted plants, either on the side or hung from the ceiling. This will give you something beautiful to look at, which will boost the luxury feel, but it also helps to improve the air quality in your bathroom, which will allow you to relax that much more. It also adds a live element to your bathroom, which will help to prevent the clinical feeling some bathrooms put off.



Don’t Forget The Fragrance

Scented soap, candles, lotion, and essential oils are all vital ingredients when it comes to turning your bathroom into the home spa you were after. Scents like jasmine, vanilla, and lavender are all great at relieving stress, boosting relaxation, and creating a feeling of calm, so make sure that you incorporate these fragrances into your bathroom. Just ensure that the smells don’t get too overpowering, or it could have the opposite effect to what you wanted.

Sort Out Some Seating

If you’ve got the space in your bathroom, then a chair is always a useful addition. It’s a great place to sit and wait for your bath to finish running, dry your toes afterwards, and apply moisturizer before getting dressed. A simple stool will work in most cases, but if you wanted to go the extra mile, then start looking at some pretty armchairs. Just make sure that you get something with water-resistant material, or you’ll get damp patches.

Your bathroom may be the place where you go to get clean, but that doesn’t mean that this is all that it has to be. If you’re looking to create a spa in your very own home, then follow the tips above to make your task a lot easier.

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