Innovative Gift Ideas For The Festive Season

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The festive season is fast approaching, and by now many people are putting some focus on the gift buying element and making plans for the holidays. Some people are super organised and perhaps have all their shopping taken care of, even wrapped and stored away neatly waiting for December to arrive. Others are a little less enthused about the whole shopping experience.

The truth is, the biggest problem people face with Christmas shopping is deciding on what sort of gift to get. It’s easy to find funny Christmas cards at Hallmark to send to people, but it can be quite difficult to find the perfect gift, especially if you are hoping to surprise someone instead of actually asking them what they would like. Which is why I thought I would put together a few ideas that are a little different to perhaps inspire you on some of those important gift purchases.

Tickets to their favourite artist or band

Many people love music, it is one thing we can share in common. However, the biggest difference is the type of music someone likes, the genre and even specific artists and bands. However, if you happen to know exactly who someone specific likes then maybe tickets to their latest concert could be the ideal gift idea. Websites like are packed full of some of the latest tours to be taking place, so whether it is sooner rather than later, you are bound to find the right set of tickets for a special someone in your life.

Something personalised

Nothing shows more thought than a gift that is personalised in some way, and the beauty of this sort of gift is that the options for this are pretty endless. Think about the type of things the person you are buying for likes. Maybe they love the idea of soft cuddly toys for younger children, then a bear personalised with their name or a special message could be a great idea. Maybe they love a particular type of drink like wine or whiskey. Buying a specific glass for this type of drink engraved with a message or their name again could be the perfect gift choice. You can personalised anything from socks, jumpers, other clothing items, books, even having stars named after certain people. If you look closely on websites like you are bound to see something that could suit more or less every person you are buying for. If you really want to give them a very personalized gift, you might want to gift them customized socks with faces.

Starting 2018 organised

Christmas also means that the new year is upon us, so a great gift idea is to help someone prepare for the new year by getting a little more organised. Stationery is a great gift idea for Christmas. You could choose to buy a planner for a particular goal someone is trying to achieve in 2018, like weight loss or money saving. You could buy a standard diary to help them keep all their appointments and events up to date. Maybe even choosing to purchase some notebooks, list motivators or books about getting more organised in the future.

Make something yourself

Finally, you could choose to make something yourself. Maybe you are creative and good at drawing, a personalised card or picture framed could be a wonderful gift for someone special. Perhaps you are good at writing or creative in poems or literature, then putting together a piece could be a beautiful way to let someone know how much they mean to you.

I hope these gift ideas have provided a little bit of inspiration for the festive season ahead, but if you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out the guide to the perfect gift for any occasion.

Image Credits: JD Hancock

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