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Every year, the tech industry graces us with new and innovative phone gadgets, some essentials, and other extras to improve the user experience. And while some smartphone gadgets are genuinely not essentials, you really won’t regret having them as they can increase your user experience dramatically.

That said, you should still ensure you have the essentials, such as a Galaxy Note 20 5G case, or a phone case for your specific phone model, and a screen protector to keep your phone in excellent condition over time.

Once you have the essentials, you should consider investing in some of these innovative smartphone gadgets that you really will love.

The Wireless Charger

We’ve all had a battle with a phone charging cable at one point or another. And whether you’ve shoved the charger in your phone port out of frustration and ended up breaking the port or damaging the cable, or you’ve spent ample hours detangling the cable, cords are thankfully becoming pretty outdated.

The wireless phone charger is a charging pad, and when you place your phone onto it, the battery will charge with no need to connect any cables to your phone. The only cable you’ll be using is the one to plug in the wireless charger.

Universal Smartphone Mount

Smartphone mounts are handy for various situations, whether watching a few YouTube videos in bed or using your smartphone as a navigation system in your car. And finding a suitable mount for every different use can be a bit frustrating, to say the least.

For this reason, investing in one universal mount is the best option. Instead of having to buy multiple mounts, you can have just one that works well for anything.

Wireless Headphones

There are tons of smartphone gadgets on the market that can take your music experience to a whole new level, and wireless headphones or wireless earbuds are just one of them. Once again, the lack of cables enhances the experience and ensures your gadget will last longer.

Other innovative gadgets for music experience include a Bluetooth speaker. And these are great for turning your phone into a mini audio system. Bluetooth speakers also come in various designs and sizes, so there’s something for your budget, although you must consider the sound quality specs before purchasing any Bluetooth speaker.

Tracking Tags

Tracking tags that connect to your smartphone are convenient inventions. These can connect to your phone to help you find various items that we often tend to misplace, such as keys and wallets. You’ll attach the tracker tag to your commonly lost items and use your phone to track their exact location.

Apple AirTags is the leading brand for these, although there are more affordable options for Android users. And you definitely won’t regret investing in a few.

There are so many smartphone gadgets out there to enhance your experience. And while the smartphone gadgets listed above are pretty impressive and helpful, the tech industry is bound to release even more innovative and exciting gadgets soon.

Image Credits: Pontus Wellgraf

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