Is Your Lifestyle Draining You?

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Energy is something that is talked about a lot among health enthusiasts and not something that is talked about enough outside those circles. We live in a world of instant gratification: we want things fast and we want them now. This has led to the birth of the 24-hour gym, the 24-hour takeaway and longer hours spent at work. All of the extras that we humans demand is a drain on our general health and well-being, we just don’t notice it.

Due to the fact we spend more time staring at computer screens for longer hours in the day, we are feeling more tired than ever. The longer we spend at work, the less time we spend thinking about the food we eat or the exercise that we take to help our bodies to be healthier. We don’t pay attention to our digestive health, making us sluggish and slow during the day. We blame a lack of sleep for almost all of life’s ills, but we don’t slow down at work or in our social lives, so we sacrifice sleeping.

Yoga at SunsetA lack of energy and a lifestyle full of artificial foods and energy drinks can make you feel lackluster, but only you have the power to change that. There’s a lot you can do to make yourself feel more energised and happier, so check out the list below to see the ways you can boost your energy:

Rest. When you are tired, stop pushing and let yourself rest. Cut off the overtime for a few days and let yourself have a breather. You have to follow the cues that your body gives you when it comes to exhaustion, you can find yourself burnt out. If marketing is tiring you out then searching online for ‘spotify plays from real people‘ or ‘increase telegram members now‘ might yield some helpful results!

Eat. Your diet is going to have a huge impact on your energy levels. Eating whole, raw foods and drinking enough water each day will mean your body will work on natural energy and not the fake energy of sugary sodas and junk foods.

Stillness. We’ve mentioned that we live in a world that is full of movement. Take a moment every day to turn off the technology, put down your phone and tune out the world. The internet will still be there in ten minutes, so take off your shoes and sit somewhere comfy. Just feel the stillness around you and let your muscles relax.

Green Tea Bag in Glass

Restore. Exercise has incredible healing qualities that can inject some vitality back into your day. Sweating out the stress and enjoying the pounding of your heart and adrenaline is a great way to destress and give your body a boost. Although you use energy to exercise, it’s a restorative activity that boosts your energy levels in the end.

Avoid Vampires. Okay, not the real kind, but energy vampires are people who make you feel low and sad and sap your energy from you. Taking that kind of negativity out of your life and replacing it with positive people is a great way to get back to feeling fantastic again!

Image Credits: Olichel, Dennis Yang, skyrice

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