Mac Essentials: 9 of the Best Apps for 2020

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Are you ready for this year’s best Mac apps?

Development is quick for all things tech, including applications and software. While Apple doesn’t release a brand new Apple device as often, various apps for Apple’s OS make their debuts in the Apple Store all the time.

In this guide, we’ll give you a list of nine of the best Mac essentials 2020 has to offer. We’re including apps for all sorts of Mac functions. That includes entertainment, productivity, and more.

  1. VLC Media Player

If you love watching movies on your Mac, the VLC Media Player is one of your ideal Mac must-haves. This media player app can read almost every media file you can think of. Yes, it can open anything from AAC to Theora.

It’s also open-source software, meaning it’s free and always developing. VLC also allows quick video conversion and extensive subtitle support. If you want to crop, de-lace, or customize playback, it has the video filters for all those tasks too.

  1. Amphetamine 

How often do you use your Mac without touching it? For example, you’re at a meeting and to check your notes, you must log in each time the Mac sleeps. Do you often find yourself having to awaken your laptop while you’re streaming videos?

Amphetamine is the answer to keeping your Mac awake. It’s great for when you don’t want your system to go into screensaver mode or sleep mode. Plus, it’s free in the Mac App Store.

You can turn it on and off at a click. It also allows you to customize how long you want it turned on. For example, if your class lasts only an hour, set Amphetamine to keep your Mac on for that time.

  1. iDrive

The iCloud drive offers 5GB of free storage to all Apple product owners for backing files up. This includes creating backups of device settings, emails, and iTunes. However, iCloud is also vulnerable to breaches, bugs, and security issues.

Thus, alternative cloud storage alternatives like iDrive came out. The iDrive works much like the iCloud and is one of the best in the App Store. It has an easy design and promises your privacy and protection.

  1. CleanMyMac X

Macs with slow performance rates can mean many things. One of these includes keeping unnecessary files and gigabytes of clutter in the system. If this is the case for your Mac’s slow performance, you need to clean it up with CleanMyMac X.

This app optimizes your computer by taking out all unnecessary files. Since it’s a smart cleaner, it stays away from vital system files and allows you to control add-ons and plug-ins. With it, you also find out how to uninstall apps on Mac without leaving any trace of the app.

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you work in the office, you might notice that more files are taking up the PDF format now. Thus, it’ll be smart to install Adobe Acrobat Pro, one of the most useful business apps for Mac. Among other apps, Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best at accessing PDF files.

It opens your PDF files in tabs and it has a Tools box for editing. With Acrobat, you can also create PDFs by converting images and webpages. It also converts your document files and other file formats into PDF with ease.

  1. Evernote

Thanks to Evernote, note-taking has never been easier. It’s an app that, over the years, has gone from simple to efficient, simple, and more organized. Evernote has a ton of useful features that you’ll love beyond note-taking.

This includes setting reminder alarms, creating lists, and sharing notes with friends. With the Context feature, you can also look for information related to your notes. Its synchronization feature allows you to access your notes on other devices, too.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 for Mac

Back then, it was difficult to get Office 365 on Mac. Those who wanted to use it on a Mac had to jump through hoops. Finally, it came out in the App Store in January 2019.

Office 365 is one of the best productivity apps for Mac if not the best already. This single app is an all-in-one package already. It contains apps for more specific tasks like creating documents and analyzing numbers.

When you buy Office 365, it already covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote, and Outlook. Use them offline for your paperwork, school work, hobbies, and more. You’ll pay quite a price for the suite but it’s worth every penny.

  1. Fantastical 2

Do you often find yourself forgetting important dates like your loved one’s birthdays? Do you need an app to help you keep track of your busy schedule? Fantastical 2 is one of the most beautiful Mac apps that also offers great functionality.

While your built-in Mac utilities already work well, Fantastical adds a new edge to it. You can use its features as a personal diary, organizer, or date reminders. It supports even floating time zones, geofence alerts, and other calendars.

  1. Spotify

Apple has sold and activated over 100 million Macs worldwide. Each of them has the default Apple Music app but not everyone enjoys it. Thus, they turn to the App Store and download alternative music players like Spotify.

Everyone loves to listen to a good tune or their favorite songs. A lot of us need something to listen to in the background while we work, study, or do other tasks. Spotify has a desktop app that’s perfect for playing music on your Mac.

Begin Your Journey With These Mac Essentials!

The year has only begun yet other apps still have a lot of time to build up hype, dependability, and consistency. You might have noticed that most of these apps are already true, tried, and tested. They have proven to be reliable and efficient in their functions.

Those are the top nine Mac apps and software you need this 2020. We hope this guide helps you out in finding your Mac must-haves. If you want to see more content on Mac essentials, check out the rest of our guides and articles today!

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