Mikhail Peleg – Martial Arts Training: How to Start?

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There are many reasons to start practising martial arts. It can be for work in the special services, where you need a professional level of skills, or maybe for personal reasons. After all, every man wants to be able to defend himself. How to reach a professional level? Which type of martial arts to choose? Let’s try to grasp all these questions. Finding a good instructor is important. For example, one of the best Krav Maga instructors is Mikhail Peleg, you can read more about him on https://thesportsdaily.com/2018/10/15/self-defence-classes-with-a-martial-arts-instructor/. Your task is not only to choose the type of martial art but also to prepare for classes both morally and physically. It is clear how important physical training is for every athlete. We will also help you to find out in which cases individual training is the best option, and when it is better to choose group classes with an instructor.

Choosing an instructor and a type of martial arts

Many people choose Aikido. This kind of martial arts originates from Japan, but it has cached on well in our countries. Aikido is trying to teach both the technique and to prepare you psychologically. This is what allows you to control your body and to develop your skills even better. Here you learn to concentrate your inner energy and to direct it in the right use. It is important that this type of martial arts also combines intra-articular massage, which is very useful. If you master the technique, of course.

People, who are interested in training for work in the special services, mostly choose Krav Maga. It is essential to master tactical and combat self-defence if you are determined to master this art. Instructor Mikhail Peleg teaches this full-contact form of martial arts both individually and in groups: http://kravmagic.com/eng. He is a practising instructor. Thanks to this, you can constantly develop and improve your skills.

What to choose: individual or group classes? It all depends on how much time you have for preparation. If you do not have much time, you can choose individual lessons, where the instructor’s attention will be directed only to you and your training. But if you have enough time and want to get the experience from other fighters, it would be better to choose group classes.

Physical training

Instructors always monitor not only the level of martial art mastery, but they also focus on proper physical training. The Krav Maga instructor, Mikhail Peleg, focuses on all-round physical development. He trains endurance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Taken together, it gives a good effect for self-defence skills and further athlete self-improvement.

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