Our Future Robots Will Need Super-Smart Safety Checks

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A robot is a high-tech machine that automatically executes certain tasks with precision. Most robots are classified into different categories. Some robots behave like human beings while others are appropriate for industrial use. A human operator can control a robot at a short or great distance. Punters learn more here to pick the right wager type.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash

Different software control many machines. If the software fails, it could result in loss of lives and extensive damage to property. Recently, two Boeing 737 jets crashed and killed all their occupants. There are concerns about how technology is controlled. Advanced software controls machines such as the New York TimesMachines.

On March 2019, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 jet crashed and killed 157 people. Another Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane crashed on November 2018 and killed 189 people. There are speculations that the software which prevents aircraft from stalling could have caused the two fatal accidents. The Federal Aviation Administration did not review the software before Boeing installed it in the aircraft.

Cloud Gaming

Some companies spend a lot of money on digital infrastructure. Google released a new gaming service called Stadia. It will enable users with a strong internet connection to play high-definition video games. Also, Google will include additional gaming chips to other server farms for users to participate in on-demand gaming. It will eliminate lag thus allowing consistent game streaming.

Microsoft announced its plan for a gaming service to play Xbox games in the cloud on any device. Amazon uses the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to offer Twitch. It is an advanced game streaming service. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the leading cloud providers globally.


A recent report reveals that the Department of Energy spent $500 million on buying computers. Don Clark explain why the nation should have spent that money on a supercomputer. It will be the first device to achieve exascale performance. Its speed rating is seven times that of ordinary computers. The machine, known as Aurora can execute sophisticated tasks such as analyzing the impact of climate change.

Many robots are computerized. They automatically perform complex tasks. A robot control device could be internal or external. There are two major types of robots; autonomous and semi-autonomous robots. Humanoids are robots that resemble human beings. Future robots require a robot operating system to program their navigation. It is vital for them to have safety checks to avoid grisly accidents which could result in loss of lives.

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