Reasons Why You Need Hot Water Heater Replacement

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You need a regular source of running hot water in your home for everyday living. Hot water has so many uses like showers, hot baths, cooking, hand-washing, and laundry. Depending on the number of people in your household, the requirement for hot water varies.

Due to frequent use, your water heater is likely to break down someday or the other due to several reasons like the tank wearing out or general usage strain. Even the best quality water heaters don’t last more than ten years.

Visit to know the current condition of your water heater. It is advisable to have an annual maintenance contract with your plumbing company because you’ll learn when the tank needs to be replaced. Did you know that only appropriately licensed plumbing contractors can install water heaters according to government regulations? And the contractors have to provide you and the technical regulator’s office with a certificate of compliance within seven days of installation.

Here are some reasons why you need to replace your water heater:

Your Water Heater is too old to Use

No appliance can last forever, and each appliance has a given lifespan. Your water heater may become too old to use, though you may be unaware of the expiry date. If you are not aware of the date, it is advisable to call in the plumbing experts to tell you the right time to replace your water heater; waiting until your water heater starts to act strange is too risky.

Malfunctioning Water Pump

The following signs indicate the water pump is malfunctioning:

  • Signs of rust in the water tank or the water
  • Strange whining noises
  • Springing leaks
  • Water not getting heated

The problem with electrical appliances is that you never know when they can start malfunctioning. Although a water heater’s lifespan is up to ten years, it may conk out in a couple of years or earlier.  If it is a gas water heater, it lasts anywhere from six to eight years. Hence, if you’ve been occupying the house for more than six years, and the water heater is gas-fuelled, you may have to have it checked and replaced.

Building up of Sediments

Another tell-tale sign that your water heater is past its prime is the building up of sediments, which happens over a period. Due to the constant use, sediment starts building up at the bottom of the water heater tank. This sediment hardens over time, and the layer forming at the bottom thickens and starts wearing down the water heater. Due to sedimentation (salt present in the water), the following are likely:

  • Water heaters lose their efficiency and start taking more time to heat water, subsequently consuming more gas or electricity.
  • Damage to the water tank is accelerated due to the excess time spent on heating the water, causing metal fatigue, leading to cracks and leaks.

Your water heater starts making whining noises when the sediment builds up, an indication to call plumbing and heating experts located in your neighbourhood to replace your water heater. They will suggest the best course of action, whether repairing parts or replacing the water heater is better.

If you are interested in replacing your water heater, researching the various brands and models on sites like is a good bet as it’s somewhat of a minefield to find one that suits your needs and budget.

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