Regular vs Sub-Ohm Vaping: What’s the Difference?

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Around the world, vaping has been a popular choice for those looking to quit smoking since it is convenient, easy, and 95% less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes. The aim of vaping is to help you satisfy your nicotine cravings without taking in any of the harmful and carcinogenic products found in cigarettes such as tar and carbon dioxide. Today, there are two main ways to vape; regular and sub-ohm vaping. Regular vaping is a better choice for those who want to get the same sensation of smoking cigarettes, with a powerful throat hit combined with high-nicotine e-liquid. On the other hand, sub-ohm vaping provides a smoother draw, with lower nicotine content. Some of the main differences between the two include:

Formation of Clouds

Sub-ohm tanks are designed to work effortlessly to provide large vape clouds, due to all the oxygen that’s needed to do so. These tanks are designed for larger airflow and typically have three slotted holes compared to regular vape tanks, which only come with one or two and are therefore not able to produce clouds that are quite as large. You can check out Aquavape’s guide on vaping etiquette if you want to learn more about the guidelines around vaping, especially if you want to produce large clouds. Aquavape offers a range of vaping products to suit your needs – if you want a sub-ohm kit for home and a pod vape for out and about, you can find it all here. You’ll also find a huge selection of different e-liquid offers to choose from.

E-Liquid Type

Choosing the right type of e-liquid for your setup will depend on whether you have a regular or a sub-ohm vape mod. Regular vapes tend to work better with 50VG/50PG e-liquid and can take higher levels of nicotine without a burning sensation in your throat. They also work well with nicotine salts, which are designed to provide a higher nicotine intake while still offering a smoother sensation. On the other hand, sub-ohm vaping requires a thicker, 7VG/30PG e-liquid and will usually have a much smaller nicotine level.


Another reason why many people enjoy sub-ohm vaping is that the vape tanks work to produce a much more intense flavour from your vape since the atomisers have a resistance below 1 ohm. This leads to a quicker transfer, producing a deeper and fuller flavour each time you vape. On the other hand, regular vapes alter the flavour since their coils will usually have a resistance of over 1 ohm.

Why Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping has become more popular than regular vaping for vapers who want to produce large clouds and enjoy more flavour. On the other hand, it might not be the best choice for you if you have recently switch to vaping from smoking cigarettes and want a similar experience. Pod vaping is a relatively new addition that manages to combine the two, allowing for a stronger flavour with a low resistance coil without losing the throat hit.

Whether you’re looking to switch to vaping or want to upgrade your kit, understanding the differences between regular and sub-ohm vaping can help you make the right choice for you.

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