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If you already utilize smart technology in your home, from using a robotic vacuum cleaner to taking advantage of smart lighting and smart security systems, you may be considering investing in some smart technology for your pets.

Why should you have all the fun and not your beloved animals?

However, are these technologies actually beneficial for your pets, or could they do more harm than good?

Keep reading to discover the latest and greatest in smart technology for pets and find out which ones are good for your pooch or feline friend and which areas of pet care are better suited to the personal touch.

Smart tech can encourage your pet to stay active

If you work long hours or are not home for a large part of the day, certain smart technologies can be utilized to help ensure that your pet stays as active and healthy as possible. For example, smart toys that your dog or cat can chase around your home can be incredibly effective at keeping your pet fit, plus they are a lot of fun for them.

You can also use smart activity trackers to monitor how much exercise your pet is getting. However, it is worth noting that even if they are very active in the home or garden, it is still beneficial for them to be taken for walks to be able to explore areas outside the home.

If you do struggle to take your pet out during the day, you could call on the services of who offer grooming, veterinary care, and even doggy daycare services. They can ensure that your pet gets all the exercise he or she needs during their time with them with adequate rest time in between. A service such as this will have all the right knowledge and equipment to help your furry friend stay healthy.

Smart tech can calm an anxious pet

Again, if you are out of the house for long periods of time and you are worried that your pet could become anxious or stressed about when you are going to return, there are several smart technologies that can help give you peace of mind and help calm down your pet.

Smart security cameras that work two ways can allow you to check up on your pet when you are not home as well as allow you to speak to and calm your pet down if they are acting anxious or stresses. Sometimes just simply hearing your voice can be enough to appease an unhappy animal.

However, you should ensure that this type of interaction does not replace actual skin on skin (well fur) contact, as your pets do still need you to be actively present in their lives.

Smart tech can help you monitor your pet’s diet

Technologies such as PetNet Smart Feeder can help you ensure that your pet is getting a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. You may think that feeding your cat as and when they ask for food is the best (or simplest) way to ensure they are getting what they need, but there is actually a lot more to it than that. Although cats won’t overeat, unlike dogs, all pets have an optimal daily calorie intake and a set of key nutrients that they need to thrive.

Smart technology can calculate this for you based on your pet’s age, current weight, and activity levels.

Image Credits: Anya Potsiadlo

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