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Technology can change your life if you know how to utilise it correctly, take advantage of the technologies available to you right now with these five lifestyle tips. Don’t rush and try to do all of these things today, start taking notice of one lifestyle tip per day and in just one working week your life could be completely different.

Lifestyle Tip #1: Getting Things Done

It is 2011, there is now no excuse to not be using a GTD application; iOS 5 elaborates upon the previous iCal offering and also brings Reminders: Reminders tell you when and where things need to be done. Shared calendars are also extremely useful as you can keep in sync with those that matter to you. GTD solutions are baked right into your iPhone, iPod and iPad, now there really is no excuse not to be utilising one.

OmniFocus is the secret to my productivity, it may not be the most aesthetically appealing of applications or the cheapest, but it is a real powerhouse of functionality and productivity.

Traditionalist? You can still stick to this tip by using the simplest of methods; Whether you choose pen and paper, a calendar or diary or even something like a white board. Make a list and stick to it.

As soon as you’ve wrote down everything that you need to get done be it in digital form or physical, the pressure soon halfs and things seem more doable.

Lifestyle Tip #2: Conservation Of Energy

You may never live to see the effects of using up available resources, but you can start seeing the effects of conserving energy on your power bill alone. Put that extra money towards something nice for yourself or preparing for the future.”

Turn lights off in rooms that aren’t being used, boil the kettle only when need be, unplug outlets when they’re not in use; Not only will this save you money, but it could also save your life when you take into account Fire Safety, Can you charge your cellphone through your laptop or PC? Do it, it frees up another outlet.

Most people find it hard to physically save money, so why not save money whilst conserving energy. I can’t think of an easier way to save your money, and the planet at the same time.

Lifestyle Tip #3: Avoid Needless Conflict

Sometimes we want to get back at somebody who we think has been unreasonable towards us.

Life is short, don’t waste a moment of it arguing about things, sometimes it is best just to not talk about something and acknowledge that somebody has made a mistake and that they will learn from it.”

One moment spent on negativity, is one moment of positivity that you’ll never get back. Life gets easier when you learn to accept that people are different, some people will spend their day just trying to bring you down to their level; Don’t bite.

Laughter has been proven to make you live longer, so the next time someone attempts to ruin your day, laugh it off and spend that moment in a positive mindset instead.

Lifestyle Tip #4: A Healthy Diet & Exercise Regime

Sure, you may spend a large amount of your time glued to the computer both at work and at home, but that is no excuse for a sedentary lifestyle.

Staying hydrated is incredibly important for your body, everything from visible signs of dehydration such as lines under your eyes and not being as productive and focused as you could be are signs of not drinking enough water.

Sitting is killing us, literally.

If you’re spending hour after hour slouched in front of a computer; Take a break. It’s not going to hurt anyone if you take a ten minute break every hour or so. Walk around, stretch your muscles. It’ll feel better at the end of the day.

Remember to make time for proper meals instead of snacking consistently throughout the day; Balanced meals are the way to a balanced body.

Lifestyle Tip #5: Synchronisation

Are you using Dropbox to synchronise your work and personal life? Freeing your life and putting it into the cloud is extremely liberating and very important. Dropbox may have lost their security on several occasions, but there is nothing as reliable as Dropbox for the average consumer, just remember that putting highly sensitive information in there isn’t recommended. Your data is backed up across five different data centres within the USA (Using Amazon S3). Grab yourself a free 5gb Dropbox account right now from here.

iCloud is the rebranding of MobileMe and if you run Lion and iOS 5 on your iDevices then you can now get it for free over on and take advantage of many different kinds of automatic synchronisation across your devices as well as a free email address.

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12 years ago

I’ve been using OmniFocus since I read this and it has changed my life… thank you!!

Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc
12 years ago
Reply to  Amelia

I’m really glad that this has helped you. Keep up the good work and carry on reading!