Solitaire Round Engagement Rings – Are They Still Popular?

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Diamonds have been used to signify a promise of marriage dating back hundreds of years. The diamond engagement ring has been in existence for a very long time as well. One of the most popular engagement rings the world over is the solitaire engagement ring. It’s just one style out of many different engagement ring designs, but it’s essentially been the engagement ring of choice for quite some time.

One of the most revered and recognised cuts for a diamond is the round brilliant cut. Brilliant cut diamonds have also been one of the most commonly used stones in engagement ring design.

But is the solitaire engagement ring with the round brilliant cut design still popular in today’s world, with so many other choices on offer? It’s a style that’s been in existence for as long as anyone can remember, but is the round brilliant cut still a good option today? Let’s find out.

What Are Solitaire Round Engagement Rings?

As was mentioned in the introduction, the solitaire engagement ring is a very common style of engagement ring that has been purchased the world over by couples pledging their desire to wed.

The solitaire round engagement ring usually contains a single brilliant cut diamond that sits proudly atop the band within its setting. 18ct yellow gold and white gold are the two most common precious metals that a round solitaire engagement ring is crafted from, although rose gold, silver and 9ct gold are also used to create solitaire engagement rings.

For many men across Australia and around the world, solitaire engagement rings with round brilliant cut stones have been a safe bet when they’re not sure what ring to buy for their fiancée-to-be. It’s like the standard in ring design for engagement rings and considered to be a diamond ring that you can never go wrong with.

Are Solitaire Round Engagement Rings Still Popular?

While there are so many different engagement ring designs on the marketplace today and people are opting to make more unusual and unique choices in the modern world, the solitaire engagement ring is still one of the most popular ring choices by far and in particular, a solitaire ring with a round brilliant cut stone adorning it.

Even when choosing engagement rings that are not solitaire rings, the most popular choice for the main diamond is still a round brilliant cut diamond. It’s classic and it’s timeless and it’s a diamond cut that will never go out of fashion. Add in the fact that the many facets of a brilliant cut stone capture the light so beautifully and effortlessly, engagement rings containing a round brilliant cut diamond always look dazzling, even in low light situations.

In fact, the simplicity of the solitaire ring with the classic round brilliant cut diamond proudly displayed is also something that attracts buyers when it comes time to pop the question.

The Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring – Another Popular Design

Another very popular diamond engagement ring features the square princess cut diamond, whether it’s a solitaire engagement ring or a ring containing multiple stones. The princess cut has defined lines and a pyramid shape with four bevelled sides. It’s a more simplistic and rather bold design that really makes a statement in a positive way.

Along with the round brilliant cut solitaire engagement ring, the princess cut is one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring in the modern world. It’s a relatively new type of cut compared to the brilliant cut, having been invented in 1980. Princess cut diamonds are sometimes less expensive than their round brilliant cut counterparts, making engagement rings with a princess cut more affordable for couples on a tighter budget. This is not always the case though, as the final price tag can depend on other factors. The quality of the diamond, for instance.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other, you can never go wrong with the solitaire round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. Another good alternative is a solitaire engagement ring with a princess cut diamond.

At the end of the day, it’s the thought and feelings behind the engagement ring that really count, so she’s sure to be happy no matter what choice you make.

Image Credits: Kenneth Gorzal

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