Spa Treatments That Can Improve Your Circulation

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, claiming more than 17 million lives every year. It is one of the causes of heart failure, which affects more than 26 million people. One of the easiest ways to improve your cardiovascular function and cut down your risk of developing problems is to go to the spa regularly. There are many spa treatments that can boost your circulation, helping the blood to flow better around the body and getting essential nutrients to the organs that need them.

Full Body Massage

Massage is incredibly effective at improving circulation as it stimulates both the lymphatic and the cardiovascular systems. These work together to pump nutrient-rich oxygen around the body through the capillaries. In exchange, the lymph nodes filter waste and return fluid to the bloodstream. If your circulation is poor, extra strain is put on your heart when it is pumping blood around the body. This can cause numerous problems, including stroke, diabetes, dementia, kidney disease and heart attacks. Industry specialists Viva Day Spa + MedSpa recommend getting a full deep tissue massage to improve your circulation and relieve any aches and pains that you have.

Finnish Sauna

Research has found that people who use the sauna between four and seven times a week reduce their risk of having a stroke by 62%. Spending time in the sauna is also great for your overall health as it triggers the brain to release endorphins, giving you that happy feeling and reducing stress. This in turn lowers the risk of you getting problems like heart disease. The increase in body temperature when you are in the sauna means that your blood vessels dilate, helping to increase blood circulation around the body. Your blood will then flow towards the surface of the skin causing you to sweat. This sweat is essential to help remove impurities and toxins from the body.

The Steam Room

A scientific study of 55-73 year olds found that using a steam room has a significant effect on your circulation and is particularly good for the extremities. This increase in circulation promotes healing in broken skin much quicker, as well as lowering your blood pressure. When you are in a steam room, the moisture and heat makes your body produce more of the hormone aldosterone. This hormone is responsible for regulating blood pressure and improving your circulation.

If you have long-term issues with your circulation, this can lead to some serious health problems. Regular sauna treatments can help improve your blood flow and give you a feeling of improved well-being.

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