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Motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular on our roads and it’s easy to see why. Two wheels help you stand out from the crowd, and make a stylish statement about you as an individual. There’s a bike to suit everyone, and they become more than a means of transport, they become a way of life. Looked after and ridden correctly, they’re both safe and reliable. If you have a motorcycle fanatic in your life, here are some super stylish, and thoughtful gift ideas.

Motorbikes in a Row

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Designer Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are a legal necessity, of course, and the most essential item a motorcyclist can have. Before buying a helmet, check out its Sharp rating. This is an official scheme that assesses the protection levels of all major helmets. Once you’ve chosen a helmet that’s super safe for your loved one, why not give it an added touch of elegance? Helmet design specialists can customise helmets with any colour, wording or design. From mirrored effects, to reproductions of works of art, the effects are stunning. You can find helmet designers and modifiers online, and their carefully crafted work has no effect on the protection offered by the helmet.

Backpacks with Benefits

The only downside to biking rather than driving, is the lack of storage space. A backpack can certainly help with that, and gives a motorbike added functionality. When choosing a motorbike backpack it has to be durable, weather proof and secure. It should also, of course, look great. Designer backpacks from manufacturers such as fūl look amazing, and they’re highly suited to the motorcycling environment. They can be used to carry laptops, iPads and Macbooks with complete confidence, even whilst riding at highway speeds.

Weather Protection

Keen motorbike enthusiasts will love to ride, whatever the weather. With the right planning and equipment, biking can be a truly all year round experience. When the temperatures drop, it’s essential to protect the hands. Wind chill factors generated by travelling at speed can dramatically drop the temperature to which a rider’s hands are subjected. Heated gloves will really help, but fitted muffs are even more effective. They can be attached over handlebars at the onset of winter, and then removed when the warmer weather returns. Another great modification is the Gaucho leg cover. These protect a bikers legs and torso whilst riding, while allowing them freedom of movement for changing gears and braking. Whether the rider wears leathers or armoured denim, the Gaucho gives added rain proofing that can make all the difference.

Cost Free Motorcycling

Hitting the road on a motorcycle can give you a real sense of freedom. If your partner loves motorcycling, why not make it a truly free experience for them? Treat them to the ultimate present of a year’s free motorcycling, by taking care of all the costs that are necessary for safe and legal motorcycling. Insurance needn’t be expensive when you use a specialist insurance comparison site, and servicing keeps the bike safe, roadworthy and in prime condition. Create your own personalised voucher that says you’ll be taking care of these essential costs for them, shows you really care.

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