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As we approach the new year, many of us are starting to consider the host of different potentials that 2019 could hold. The realm of tech tends to really stand out, as this is a field where develops could implement major change for humanity in general! So, what tech developments should you keep an eye out for in the upcoming year? Here are some to consider!

Your Usual Tech

Sure, new and exciting tech may well be exciting and captivating. It easily draws attention away from tech that came before it. But it’s important that, first and foremost, you look after the tech that you already have. This mainly means keeping on top of your software, purchasing new versions of the software that you already have, i.e. upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – searching online for ‘windows product key 10‘ can yield some good deals – and actually clicking yes for once when offered software updates. There are good reasons for updates. As well as offering new and improved versions of what you’ve purchased, they protect your computer from viruses and you from cyber criminals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence, otherwise commonly referred to as “AI”, is by no means a new concept. We’ve been reading about this sort of stuff for years in sci-fi books and watching futuristic artificial intelligence concepts in all sorts of sci-fi films and television shows. But 2019 really could be the year where we see AI developed to a point of genuine use. AI systems are essentially systems built to replicate human intelligence and perform tasks that we would otherwise need people to carry out. When scientists create artificial intelligence, they may test it with tests on image recognition, decision making, carrying out tasks, or mimicking and understanding speech patterns. Artificial intelligence in healthcare is now being implemented as well. Surgical robots and new medicines are being used to give better care to patients in a more convenient way.

Blockchain Data

Blockchain data is essentially data that you cannot delete, reverse, or take away from. It is data that you can only add to. This makes it extremely secure, as there are records of everything each strand of data has been through. Recently, we have associated blockchain data with cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin. However, blockchain has potential above and beyond cryptocurrencies. It could be used to protect valuable assets, or even to store personal medical data.

Virtual Reality (VR)

If you’re into gaming, you might have tried out some VR gaming already. VR stands for “virtual reality”. It is a system that immerses you into another environment and allows you to feel as though you were genuinely there. Generally speaking, people engaging with VR will wear specialist virtual reality headsets. This will be linked to gaming software and the wearer can then immerse themselves in the world of the game. They can move around, pick things up and put things down, and interact with other characters. However, the potential of virtual reality could span further than gaming. It could be used in education and training (teaching people how to complete tasks in an environment that might otherwise be unsafe or difficult to reach). It could be used in marketing. It could even be used in rehabilitation.


Most of us can now access 4G on our smartphones. But chances are you’ve heard a lot of hype surrounding 5G. Now, realistically, it is predicted that the majority of us won’t actually be using 5G until 2020. But it’s still an exciting area to focus on and something that is bound to build up big media hype throughout 2019.

Dual Screened Laptops

Now, this may sound odd. After all, surely one screen is sufficient for any laptop? But dual screened laptops are set to be the next big thing throughout the next twelve months. These laptops generally have the standard screen, and a smaller screen placed where the keyboard would usually be. Sure, physical keyboards are great for typing. But screens tend to be better for almost any other type of interface out there.

Workplace Wellness Tech

Now, many people are concerned about how tech will affect people’s work. They believe that AI will replace increasing numbers of people in the workplace, leading to fewer jobs. But tech is anticipated to help workers at the same time! Tech updates are expected to alleviate pressure and certain tasks from workers who are under too much pressure and have too much to do. It is also set to measure and monitor employee wellness.

These are just a few different tech trends expected to take to the centre stage throughout 2019. So, keep them in mind, keep an eye out for them, and embrace them as they arrive!

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