The Best Apartment Options: Luxury Living

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Have you ever considered living in one of the high end, luxury apartments springing up all over the country? While homes centered around the rich are nothing new, these rentals are slowly redefining the ideas surrounding that lifestyle and who can enjoy it.

With the appeal greater than ever, and more affordable than in the past, it just might be high time you looked into one of these homes for yourself. They offer the best options of any apartment from resort-style amenities to a premier location. Here is a taste of what you can expect.

Making Life More Livable

The first thing that pops into most people’s minds when they think about luxury apartments are the amenities in the community. While fantasies of private helicopter pads and penthouse suite mansions come to mind, today’s high-end apartments cater to a more realistic lifestyle.

State of the art fitness centers and yoga studios offer residents an excellent way to work up a sweat, while rooftop pools and private cinemas offer an escape from the workweek right at home. 24-hour concierge services attend to daily needs, conference rooms aid the business oriented, and closed garages offer something scarcely found throughout America’s cities.

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Modern Designs

White living room

If it were just the exterior of these locations that created the appeal, then they wouldn’t be true homes. While the conventional idea of residential living involves cramped living quarters in dimly lit rooms, these dwellings focus on allowing natural light to flow through expansive windows and spacious floor plans.

Think along the lines of quartz countertops, tile backsplashes, and plank wood flooring, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how these homes are decorated. Can you imagine a private balcony opening up to breathtaking views of the city skyline, or an enormous living room decked out in modern furniture?

Premier Locations

While all of these features are wonderful, what good would they be if the building was situated in the middle of nowhere? The majority of these complexes boast a nice city address, but it’s more about the surrounding area than it is just living in the city.

Some have Whole Foods for a first floor, while others place resident right in-between work in the city and beautiful scenes of nature. Those right in the heart of a city are almost always located less than a block away from fine dining, the hottest nightlife, and premier shopping outlets. The Location is all about convenience for the resident.

Luxury Living

Open plan apartment

These high-end buildings are redefining the idea of both luxe and residential living. It’s hard to argue that living in a home like Aventine in Hercules California would be a dream come true for many. Luckily, that dream can now become a reality thanks to this rising trend.

When it comes to choosing the best options for apartment living, these homes have everything you could ever need. With resort-style amenities, the latest tech, and innovative designs, what’s not to love?

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