The Best Floral Gifts for Every Occasion

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Flower arrangements and bouquets can convey many messages, from “I love you” to “I’m sorry” to “Congratulations”. If you’re struggling to find the right gift for someone, then a personalised bouquet or unique flower arrangement may just be the answer. Look at what flowers in season at a nearby florist or search for an online florist instead. Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday present or are trying to make a thoughtful gesture, here are some of the best floral gifts for every occasion.

Valentines’ Day

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love, and what could be more classic than presenting your loved one with a dozen red roses? If you want to be extremely bold, you could get your partner a rose bear or a heart-shaped box of eternal roses. If you think that roses are too cheesy or over the top, an orchid plant is elegant, understated gift.

Mother’s Day

Presenting your mum with Mother’s Day flowers is the best way to celebrate one of the most important women in your life. Instead of going for a typical arrangement, pick something your mother will be proud to display in her home. A vase of California lilacs or hydrangeas would be a pretty addition to her coffee table, but a hand-tied bouquet is sure to make her feel extra special. For a more personal touch, go to the florist and pick out the individual flowers yourself, so your mum knows that you didn’t pick just any bouquet.


If you’ve been invited to Easter dinner by a family member or a friend, and you don’t feel up to bringing a side dish, gift your host an Easter bouquet or flower arrangement. Look for an arrangement with vibrant spring flowers that the holiday is known for, such as tulips, irises, daffodils, hyacinths, and daisies. Another great option is providing your host with a table centrepiece, whether that’s a flower basket or a vase of flowers. Don’t pick a centrepiece that is too large or too tall—you don’t want to have to lean around it to chat with the other guests at dinnertime.


Like Valentine’s Day, Christmas is another holiday that is dominated by red florals. A poinsettia is a beautiful Christmas gift for a plant lover, and while you may be thinking of purchasing a typical red poinsettia, white poinsettias are real showstoppers. If you can’t decide between them, then you should perhaps consider a Sky Star or Jingle Bells poinsettia. Other bold Christmas flowers are red amaryllis and anthurium, but if you want to gift them something unusual, go for a Christmas cactus.


If you have a big family and lots of friends, you’re bound to forget someone’s birthday. People can always tell when you haven’t put any thought into their birthday gift—wilting flowers with a supermarket price tag on the plastic wrap is a big giveaway. If you’re pressed for time, book a flower delivery in Australia so that your loved one is guaranteed to get elegantly wrapped birthday flowers delivered on their birthday. Many florists offer gift sets, so you can send them “Happy Birthday” balloons and a card too. Choose a fun flower arrangement with contrasting colours, such as pink alstroemerias mixed with purple lisianthus, orange freesia, and some vibrant green foliage.


If your child’s prom is more traditional, then they’ll need to buy their date a corsage or a boutonnière. Prom corsages can be pinned to the dress, but to avoid ruining the prom dress, they’re now more commonly worn on the wrist. Boutonnières and corsages can be bold and colourful or subtle in style, and they often incorporate spray roses and daintier flowers. Prom dates usually buy these floral decorations from the same florist and pick something that will complement their outfits.


It can be difficult knowing what to say when someone is going through a bereavement. Let that person know that you’re thinking them and are there to support them through this time of hardship by sending them sympathy flowers. Stick to simple neutral colours and classic flowers such as lilies, white roses, and carnations. If you are particularly close to the bereaved person, you may want to send them a sympathy wreath.


Retiring is a big deal. The type of retirement flowers you buy will depend on the retiree’s personality, but a simple yet cheerful bouquet of yellow roses, gerbera daisies, statice, and chrysanthemums is sure to be well received by anyone. If you want to give your employee or colleague the best send-off at their retirement party, choose a bouquet with vivid flowers, such as sunflowers with either snapdragons or gladioli.


If you’re celebrating an anniversary with your spouse or partner, the sky’s the limit in terms of floral gifts. You should know your other half’s favourite flowers and colours by now. If not, then shame on you! Bouquets and preserved flowers are nice, but if you really want to wow your spouse, present them with a plant for their garden. Let them know it’s something that you both can care for, and like your relationship, it will flourish over time. Just make sure your partner isn’t the type to let the houseplants wilt.

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