The Development of Mobile Phones

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Mobile phones have become a large part of people’s lives. No matter where they’re headed, people will bring their mobile phones with them. They’ll use it use it when eating, commuting, and before going to bed. Some people will look down at their mobile phones when walking. It’s clear to see that smart phones have completely changed our lives.

After the popularity of telephones, mobile phones were initially invented so we could contact others wirelessly, anytime and anywhere. Mobile phones are developing rapidly and have undergone earth-shattering changes.

At first, mobile phones were all large cuboids with long antennas. They were heavy and inconvenient. However, compared with other methods of contact, such as public telephones or writing letters, mobile phones enabled people to communicate in real time while moving about.

Later, it was realized that that these large mobiles were not suitable for carrying around. With the continuous development of semiconductor industry and wireless communication technology, the size of mobile phones is being gradually reduced. The reduction in volume makes it more convenient for people to carry in their bags and pockets, and makes them easier to hold, but the smaller and slimmer these mobile phones become, the greater the rick of damaging them becomes. Therefore, it’s very important to buy a mobile phone case to give you phone some added protection from cracks and falls. If you buy an HONOR 20 mobile phone, then you should probably buy the HONOR 20 flipcover to better protect it.

The human desire to explore is infinite. After solving the problem of volume, people are now thinking about how to make mobile phones more convenient to operate. After all, with change in size, the style of mobiles has also changed. Most phones were designed to have fewer keys, and then no keys at all. It used to be easy to dial someone by mistakenly pressing the wrong button.

The invention of touch-screen phones came with even more changes. The earliest touch-screen mobile phone was jointly developed and produced by IBM and BellSouth in 1993. However, it was the first iPhone launched by Steve Jobs in 2007 that really promoted touch-screen phones and formed a trend. It was the emergence of this mobile phone that brought the development of mobile phones to a new stage.

HONOR 20 phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are palm-sized. Touch screens have long been standard on most smart phones and there are added functions. For example, you can surf the Internet, watch videos, listen to music, play games, and much more. It is because of these functions that mobile phones have become a big part of our lives. Most people can hardly imagine being without their mobiles.

If you were to go back to the time when mobile phones were first invented, and describe the various functions of mobile phones today to an ordinary person, they would surely find it incredible, just like science fiction. But now, “science fiction” is our reality.

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