The Impact of Technology on the Environment: How We Can Still Save the Planet Yet

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Technology has changed life for the better. That’s not in question. People can communicate with anyone in the world. People can work from home or really anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection. People can share their creativity more effectively than ever. But technology is also contributing to the rapid increase in climate change, as landfills fill up with lithium batteries and junked gadgets. So, it’s important to consider how your technological habits are impacting the environment and how you can change them to better serve the global fight against climate change.

An easy way to start is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources like plastic and paper. Good thing technology can help you do that!

One way we can protect the planet is by reducing our dependence on non-renewable resources. Everything from reusable straws, to the robust logistics systems in grocery stores, have already helped curb waste. Some services cater directly to that optimization, like produce sellers that offer up ‘damaged’ or ‘imperfect’ fruits and vegetables.

Otherwise: Reduce, reuse, recycle! Everyone’s heard it, but not everyone knows how they can do their part to make the world a more sustainable, equitable place. Starting with those three easy steps can make a bigger difference than you might expect. For instance, buying refurbished gadgets and phones, spending time researching the likes of ‘iphone 8 unlocked and choosing Apple, ensures harmful waste products don’t seep into soil and water through landfills.

But first, consider not purchasing new products or purchasing products that reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy from carbon-conscious companies, you can know everything from the manufacturing process to the packaging will be less harmful and create less waste. And if you do opt for a new piece of tech, make sure to recycle your old electronics responsibly by finding a location near you. E-waste and hazardous materials centres are the only places you can reliably drop off material like lithium and know it isn’t going to damage the local ecosystem. And while you’re at it, make sure to use public transportation on the ride over, since that naturally reduces pollution from cars.

Bolero PV project

Once you get a sense of your own duty in the fight against climate change, you can turn to your tech skills to make new creative solutions to today’s problems. There are some solutions you can use today to help save our planet and you don’t have to be a tech expert to do it! With a little bit of coding knowledge or connections in business, writing and using algorithms that opt for energy efficiency instead of profits could save countless amounts of fuel.

To live in harmony with nature, you need to consider the impact of technology. You can do your part by reducing your dependence on non-renewable resources and by taking simple steps, like reducing your waste, reusing your devices, and recycling them properly when the time comes to get rid of them. The use of tech for creative solutions also has a huge impact on the future of environmental issues. If everyone does their part, people can protect the world from impending disaster.

Image Credits: Mark Stosberg, Antonio Garcia

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