The Most In-Demand Freelance Jobs in 2023

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Many people like the idea of setting their own hours and choosing their own clients, which is why they’re turning away from traditional 9 to 5 jobs in favour of self-employment. If you’re thinking of heading in the same direction but aren’t sure if your skills are profitable, read on for the most in-demand freelance jobs in 2023.


A copywriter’s job is to increase sales through writing website content, product descriptions, marketing materials, and email newsletters. This is usually a remote position, since freelance copywriters can simply work from their laptops. If you want to use your writing skills to become a freelance copywriter, it would help if you specialised in a particular subject.

SEO Specialist

Every business wants their site to be the first thing people see on the search engine results pages (SERPs), which is why there will always be a demand for SEO specialists. It’s time-consuming work, which is why most companies hire freelancers to deal with things like plastic surgeon SEO. An SEO specialist is responsible for getting their client’s websites ranking higher than their competitors on the SERPs and boosting web traffic by doing keyword research, understanding search engine algorithms, website optimisation, and link building.

Graphic Designer

If you’re good at art and design, then you should start looking for graphic design work. Create a portfolio of samples of the work you’ve done to present to businesses when you apply for a freelance graphic designer position. Companies are always on the lookout for creative people who can produce high-quality visual media. As a graphic designer you would be working on a company’s branding, advertisements, and marketing materials.

Web Designer

Now that e-commerce is thriving, businesses are always looking for skilled freelance web designers to create or refresh their site. After an initial meeting with your client to discuss what kind of website they want, you’ll be responsible for the website’s layout and functionality so that it is accessible and creates a positive user experience. You’ll have to design each page of the site, which will include working with a graphic designer and copywriter. You’ll also be responsible for updating and redesigning old sites to give them a more modern look and a responsive design.


Many companies are looking to employ freelance drivers. Depending on the company and type of driving job you apply for, they may even provide funding so you can do your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training and take your large goods vehicle (LGV) or passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) test, if you haven’t already. Couriers, office movers, coach drivers, and lorry drivers are always in demand. Some companies, like Bekins Moving Solutions, may provide you with a vehicle, while others may require you to already have your own.


Some people need one-on-one tuition, so there will always be a need for freelance educators. Not all tutoring jobs require a teaching qualification. Having a degree in a particular subject will come in handy if you’re only going to provide supplemental learning and going through study materials with a young student as a private tutor. However, if you’re planning on providing tutoring for people in higher education or working as a remote teacher, you may require a PGCE, or at the very least, a QTS. Most tutoring jobs can be done remotely if you have a decent webcam and microphone.


More companies are engaging in international trade, which highlights the need for translators. Those who fluently speak two or more languages or have a degree in multiple languages will be perfect for this role. You will mostly be required to translate on-site content, marketing materials, and company documents. Businesses prefer to hire translators rather than use machine translation since they are more accurate and their translations will cause less miscommunication.

Personal Trainer

People take their wellbeing more seriously, especially when they have sedentary lifestyles. Many people go to the gym without understanding what machines to use or how they work. Smartwatches and smart scales aren’t enough to hold some people accountable; they need a personal trainer to offer encouragement. People rely on freelance personal trainers to educate them and help them to create a fitness plan. Others hire freelance personal trainers to help them with proper form and achieve better results.

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