The Unique Benefits of Using Custom Standup Pouches

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There has been a massive exodus of industries when it comes to the packaging of their products. Many industries are now using the flexible custom standup pouches and getting rid of the rigid packaging that they previously used. The stand pouches have proven to be more beneficial to their business in terms of driving sales, enhanced product promotion and new branding of their products. Most business owners strive to have minimum production cost while enjoying maximum revenues from their products and that’s what the custom standup pouches are offering them.

Standup pouches offer a wide variety of benefits to manufacturers and even the consumers. In this article, we list to you some of the benefits you can enjoy both as a manufacturer and a consumer when you use the custom standup pouches.

  1. Excellent Use Of Graphics On Packaging

When looking for flexible packaging of products most people, look at flexographic printing. This type of printing is suitable for a wide variety of packaging options, however with standup pouches; you get the best of your flexographic printing on your packaging. What most people don’t know is that with flexographic printing on their standup pouches they will enjoy a very precise ink printing control on the packaging with carefully laid variety of films. Combining standup pouches with this high quality and advanced printing, you will have the best eye-catching visual graphics of your products. It’s quite obvious that consumers tend to be attracted by wonderful visual prints that are seen on the packaging of products.

  1. Unique Structure and Shape

One of the major expenses faced by manufacturers usually involves the packaging of the product. However, with your custom standup pouches, you don’t need to worry about the extra cost of packaging. The stand-up pouches come in different shapes and sizes depending on ones’ products and packaging preferences. Many consumers when asked about the standup pouches, you will find that they are more familiar with the standard standup pouches, which when empty can be easily folded. However we have other types of custom standup pouches that manufacturers can pick from, they include:

  • Box standup pouches
  • Quad sealed standup pouches
  • K sealed standup pouches

These three are just a few of the designs but then there are many other designs of standup pouches. Well, you can even have your own custom standup pouches depending on ones’ personal preference and target market.

  1. Cost Reduction

We mentioned that standup pouches are very effective when it comes to reducing the cost of packaging. Enjoy flexible packaging with standup pouches and at a more affordable rate. If you are using rigid packaging for your products then you are spending about three times more what you could be spending if you are using the standup pouches. The other packaging options like printed cartons are twice as costly as the custom standup pouches. If you go for the standup pouches then you will enjoy better revenue margins in your business.

  1. The Features Are Very Convenient

Many businesses have very low sales thanks improper packaging of their products. If you have been in the manufacturing industry long enough then you would know that all consumers love convenience when it comes to the packaging of products they buy. The best way to add value to your products is by using the standup pouches as your packaging strategy. The re-sealable closures found on the pouches allow for longer life of the product and hence more customer satisfaction. There are sealing options available when using standup pouches: zippers, hook to hook and press to close. All these sealing options offer amazing conveniences to consumers. Other features available with standup pouches include spouts, laser perforation, handles and transparent windows. There are standup pouches that are steam-able hence consumers can still use them to prepare food in the microwave.

  1. Warehousing and transportation

One of the major challenges manufacturers face when picking a packaging option is whether it will be easy to store and transport the products after packaging. Picking the wrong packaging option can lead to more expenses in storage and transportation. Standup pouches are very easy to distribute hence fewer expenses during transportation. Depending on what type of pouch and design you pick, you can fit about five to nine times the quantity of units you could have packed with the other types of packaging. This means you will also be using much fewer pallets in your storage. The stand-up pouches are lighter, this means the fuel cost per truck will be reduced. You also need less manpower and space when storing your products in the warehouse.

  1. Product Safety

The main objective of every business is to make sure there are products are protected at all times, even after they have been purchased by their consumers. If you want your products to have a longer shelf life and still be fresh then you should use standup pouches in the packaging. The pouches offer amazing protection from harmful bacteria which can make the products get spoilt faster. When transporting the products additional protection can be added to the products by using films that are puncture resistant. There are other films that can be used to protect your products from moisture, UV rays, too much heat or any contaminants. Standup pouches guarantee the safety of your product at all times.

  1. Sustainability of the products

When talking about flexible packaging, it also means packaging options that are environmentally friendly. When being manufactured the standup pouches require less energy, water, and materials. During the manufacturing process, very few organic compounds are produced that are harmful to the environment. When discussing warehousing and transportation we noted that less transport is needed to transport products packaged in standup pouches, this means fewer fuel emissions. Since standup pouches can in two types: biodegradable and recyclable types, this means they have a less negative impact on the environment when looking at the landfills.

If you want to enjoy all these amazing benefits of standup pouches as a manufacturer its best to look for a reliable company that will supply you with the best custom standup pouches. The packaging supplier will be able to offer the best packaging solution depending on your business and products.

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