The Window Cleaners Release New Summertime Window Cleaning Tips

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As summer is starting to rear its head, a lot of people are worried that they will no longer be able to clean their windows properly.

People often say that windows should never be cleaned in the sun. Indeed, this tip is repeated again and again in magazines and online, particularly with the approaching summer. However, UK based window cleaning company has now suggested that there is actually no need to fear the sun, so long as window cleaning is done properly.

The Window Cleaners, a company based in Exeter, wanted to shed some more light on the myth of window cleaning during summer. While it is certainly true that domestic users should avoid cleaning their own windows when it is sunny outside, this is not possible for professional businesses like Complete Cleaning Services themselves. After all, the weather simply cannot dictate business operations.

Domestic users will usually opt for traditional cleaning methods. It is certainly true that doing this in the sun can lead to untold problems. However, even domestic users can apply some handy hints and tips to avoid shadows and smears. Shadows are caused if the solution on the window dries before it can be carried away by the blade of a squeegee. If the day is overcast, a window could be soaped up several times and it could easily take three minutes or more for them to have been treated with the squeegee. On warm days, however, this much time should not elapse between applying the solution and using the squeegee.

The following tips were provided:

  1. Wet and blade only one window at a time. This means that the water won’t have a chance to dry and cause shadows and mopping. Indeed, it is recommended that people learn how to mop with one hand and blade with the other for even better results.
  2. Use combination tools. There are a number of tools that allow to mop and blade at the same time, which are perfect for summer usage. However, it is best to invest in a high quality brand of tool.
  3. Increase the amount of water. If the window is thoroughly wet, then it also means it will take longer to dry. Hence, blading it will work much better. The official recommendation is use a water fed pole, which will ensure a window cleaner has more than sufficient time to wet and clean the window before blading it dry.
  4. Cut down on the amount of soap that is used. This is particularly true for people who choose to use washing up liquid. If there is a high concentration of soap, the water evaporates quicker. This means it is easier to leave streaks as well.
  5. Don’t use cloths. Traditionally, people would wipe their windows with cloths. In reality, however, these leave massive streaks, particularly on hot days. A squeegee is definitely a better option when it comes to cleaning a window streak-free on a hot summer day.

“Hopefully, these tips will help people clean their windows properly, leaving no streaks”, says a spokesperson for Complete Cleaning Services. “Nobody wants to have dirty windows and most people find themselves in a catch-22 situation. During summer, cleaning a window leaves them looking streaked. However, not cleaning them is not an option either, because the brightness makes any dirt show up even more.”

“Naturally, our most important recommendation is to hire a professional window cleaner”, adds the spokesperson. “That way, people are guaranteed to have clean windows without any streaks, while at the same time supporting someone into work and employment.”


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