Things No One Tells You about Student Life

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Most prospective university students think they already know what doing their degree is going to be like, but there are a few things that people won’t tell you. There’s more to student life than napping your way through lectures and partying in the middle of the week. Many young people have unrealistic expectations of what going to university is like, and are disappointed when their expectations are not met. This article will help you to picture what university life is really like, so you are fully prepared for when your start on your own university adventure.

You’re Going to Move a Lot

There’s a good chance that you’ll move each year. After your first year, you may decide to move out of student accommodation and into your own flat, or you may want to live in a shared house with friends. Bear in mind, that moving in with friends or finding somewhere to say with other students, can be cheaper in the long run, since you will be sharing all the bills. If it’s your first time moving away from home, you can find out more about moving here. Make sure you view the accommodation before moving in and do your research, so you don’t get caught out by hidden costs or get stuck with a flat with a mold infestation or leaky faucets.

To make your accommodation feel more like home, you’re going to want to furnish it and get some nice decorations. If you plan on buying something expensive or valuable like the decorations on this website, then make sure you pack it well so it doesn’t become damaged when you next move.

You Won’t Have Much Spare Time

Just because you’ll only have a few lectures and seminars a week, doesn’t mean that you’ll have the rest of the week off. Between coursework, exam revision, required and additional reading, research, class trips, extracurricular activities, and your part-time job, you won’t have as much free time as you think you will. While it’s tempting leave everything until the last minute, you don’t want to fall behind, so it’s best to complete work as and when it is assigned to you. But don’t worry, you’ll still find time to have video calls with your family, stream your favourite TV shows, and go out with your new friends.

You’ll Need a Part Time Job

There’s a good chance your student loan will barely cover you rent, so you’ll need to earn some extra cash to pay your bills, pay for travel, buy books and stationery, and buy drinks on nights out. You’ll need to find a part-time job that you can do on the days you’re not in lectures. Student jobs aren’t easy to come by, as you’ll be competing with other students in your local area. You may need apply for jobs a little further away if you can’t find work near campus.

If you’re having trouble with finding a job, head to the student center and ask for some help. They’ll give you advice and find you a placement that will not only bring in some money, but will offer you work experience related to your degree. The student center will also help you to learn more about what kinds of jobs you should be applying for.

Being Responsible Isn’t Easy

Without your parents or guardians to look after you, you’re going to have to take on more responsibility than you’re used to. You have to do a lot of budgeting to make sure you can afford food, pay your bills, and have money anything else you’ll need. You’ll also need to be more organized, so you don’t oversleep and miss lectures and so that your coursework is in on time.

Living away from home can be quite daunting at first, but you’ll soon develop a routine. You’ll make time to tidy up, wash your dishes, take the garbage out, and do your laundry. If you don’t know how to cook already, then you should start now. Cooking your own food, and bringing your own packed lunches to lectures, is much cheaper than eating takeout and buying food at the on-campus store or at cafeteria. If you ever feel overwhelmed, remember that other students are in the same boat, and they’ll be more than willing to help you out.

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